Dear Parents,

We hope that everyone had a restful holiday weekend!  It was wonderful to get to chat about the students during parent teacher conferences.  We can hardly believe that the next holiday break is right around the corner!  We would just like to fill you in on some academic information and house keeping for the upcoming month of December.

In Reading, we are diving deeper into comprehension.  Ensuring that children are interacting with the books they are reading.  Using post-its to track their understanding.  Asking themselves important questions like: Who is my story about?  Where is it taking place?  What important stuff is happening? How did that chapter end? 

In addition, we are beginning to talk about character traits and feelings.  Feel free to support your children at home by reading with them, talking about each chapter, making predictions, taking a sneak peek, discussing a vocabulary and practicing a strong retell.

In Math, we are beginning a new unit called Comparing and Combining Shapes.  In this unit we focus on geometry and the relationship between two dimensional shapes.  Throughout this unit we will be observing, describing, naming, comparing & representing 2-D shapes.  Our goal is for students to begin to use geometric language and look at shapes in terms of classification-sorting based on various features.

We have had some great conversations around our Lower Lab value of tolerance.  The students are extremely dedicated and excited to practice and internalize this value.  We will carry on talking about this important value throughout the month of December.

Finally, in Writing Workshop we are wrapping up our informational writing unit and entering the publishing process. Hopefully you are hearing all about their interesting and rich topics at home.  Children are working hard to organize their information, provide tons of facts and include an introduction and conclusion.  We look forward to sharing these wonderful books on December 20th at 8:30am during our end of year celebration.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  We look forward to seeing everyone again in a few weeks.



Kristin and Sarah