Our lower grade students have been learning large vocabularies of musical patterns.  The development of those vocabularies follows a process similar to the development of linguistic vocabularies.  When learning a language naturally, children assimilate patterns of words and phrases from their environment through both informal and formal instruction.  Similarly, children naturally assimilate musical patterns through informal and formal instruction. 

One of the primary objectives for our grade K-2 students is to develop their audiation.  So, what is audiation? The term audiation means the ability to hear and comprehend [music] silently, that is, when the sound is not physically present.  Audiation takes young children from merely imitating the musical sounds around them to critically thinking, engaging in and creating new musical sounds.

Musical pattern instruction is an integral part of audiation development.  Musical pattern instruction is tailored to each students’ individual abilities to encourage musical growth.  Through individualized instruction, students are able to reach their fullest musical potential!