Dear 4th and 5th grade families, 

Our 4th and 5th grade students spend a lot of time talking about fixing bow holds, adjusting bow holds, changing bow holds and nagging about bow placement and the bow arm during music class. 

Here’s why: The bow creates the sound.

The bow, how students pull it across the string, how students hold it, dramatically impacts their sound.  If something is malfunctioning in the bow arm or hand, that problem is going to impact the sound students produce.  More often than not, it severely limits the possibilities of sound students can create on the stringed instrument.  Most importantly, it impacts the quality of tone students can produce.

Please encourage them to check the bow hand during practice.  Here is a list of the important checkpoints to improve the bow hand:

  • Bent Thumb                         
  • Round Fingers                       
  • Middle and ring fingers touch pencil inside first joint      
  • Middle fingers form a circle with thumb   
  • Round pinky on tip (only violin and viola)           
  • Pointer finger touches pencil between first and second joint          
  • Fingers evenly spaced