Dear 4-243 Families,

We are getting ready for our publishing party on Friday, December 22nd. You all should have received the passes to ease your entry. As a reminder, we will be having a 2 part celebration.  We will start in the auditorium with our first Wingspan share.  Then we will head upstairs to the classroom to present our writing.  We have Social Studies Informational Texts and projects to present, along with some other written pieces from earlier in the year.  By the way, all final drafts and projects are due in class by Thursday the 21st. Our wonderful class parents have been organizing a breakfast for this event.

Later that day, we will have our own class party..if you somehow missed the note.  Children have the opportunity to participate in a “grab bag” with each other.  This is totally optional, but if your child is participating, please send in a wrapped gift labeled for either a Boy or a Girl and kids will choose from the bag during our party in the afternoon.  NYCommon Pantry donations are due tomorrow, the 15th.  Grab bag gifts can come as late as the 22nd–but remember, you only take a gift if you’ve brought a gift!

In other areas, we continue to proceed with the 4th grade curriculum.  Math work has been focused on multiplication, specifically working with and identifying factors, multiples, prime and square numbers.  Children should be able to identify the factors of a number using a systematic approach and to create arrays of those factor pairs.  We will continue with multiplication and division when we return from the winter break.

Our Social Studies will move on to the Colonial Period with a short look at European Exploration.  We will examine the development of the 13 Colonies, differentiating among them based on who went where, why,  and when.

Reading Partnerships will likely pause during vacation but we’ll pick up again in January.  Student reading notebook entries are now the source of the partnership book talk and so should be well developed as they are the basis for strong conversations that improve reading comprehension for all.  Students who are using post-its as a way to monitor ideas while reading, should choose one of those post-its to develop into an entry.  Formal reading responses are due 3 school days after the partner book is finished.  If you have further questions about this, ask your child.  He or she should be able to explain fully the requirements and expectations.  Final drafts are to be neatly written in pencil, blue or black pen, or can be typed.  First drafts must also be handed in.

As the weather gets colder, I would like to remind all parents again about the need to put names on or inside jackets, gloves, hats, lunch boxes, and water bottles.

Here’s to a strong end to the year,