A large group of thirty-three students, their parents, siblings, and even some grandparents made the journey to Florida!

There were some real nail-biters and many of the teams’ final results came down to the final match.  The third graders were in first place going into the final match and it came down to the last match of the tournament to determine a winner!

We had one Kindergarten student, Aidan Fausto, debut his talents.

The first graders are really becoming a team.  The camaraderie is very apparent, as seven students made the trip.  Bret Huang received special recognition for being the second-highest performing student rated 800-999!  Check out his photo below.

Our seven second graders had a great tournament and placed third in the country.  They were just half a point behind the first place team.  David Menzer, Aliana Fausto, and Lyla Basavaiah each won five out of their seven matches.  David Menzer received special recognition (and a big trophy) for winning the most matches out of second graders rated between 800 and 999!

The ten third graders were in the lead for most of the tournament.  It all came down to the last round.  Dalton ended up coming in first, by half a point, and Lower Lab took second.  In this category, Royal Buchanan, Morgan Mairaj, and Noah Gillston all won 5.5 matches and all placed in the top 20, again adding to our trophy count!  Royal placed 10th, Morgan placed 13th, and Noah placed 16th in the country.

Max Koh represented fourth grade!

Our fifth graders attended Grade Nationals for the last time together.  They have been together since first grade and the seven students have been a team ever since.  The younger students credit them for making chess “cool.” They were amazing role models this weekend, and at times were seen going over matches with the first graders or entertaining them between matches.  This is something very special about LL students!  The older ones always look out for their younger counterparts.  Triton Oh won five matches and placed 20th in the country, as did Ian Buchanan.  Kevin Zhang rounded out the team with 4.5 wins, securing their fourth place trophy, right ahead of Dalton’s fifth place win in the fifth grade category.

Congratulations to all the participants!

KG – Aidan Fausto

1st grade –  Bret Huang, Boris Halov, John Homan, Summer Loh, Matthew Saraf, Brandt Marinis, and Leo Wahl

2nd grade – Aliana Fausto, David Menzer, Lyla Basavaiah, Cadie Park, Brighten Sun, Roger Eckner, Aster Oh

3rd grade – Royal Buchanan, Morgan Mairaj, Noah Gillston, Benjamin Kwon, Sobel Gaudissard, Max Braun, Justin Saraf, Rylan Marinis, Ian Wahl, Ben Rosenstein

4th Grade – Maximilian Koh

5th Grade – Ian Buchanan, Triton Oh, Kevin Zhang, Otto Braun, Pearce Marinis, Elly Park, Nishtha Roy

Here are some photos:


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