Hello all,

I hope you’re enjoying the snow day! Here’s an update on the digital media and technology curriculum for this month.

In 2nd grade, the students will finish up their google doc assignment called the “Landmarks of New York City”. In this assignment, students are required to insert an image of a NYC Landmark into a google doc and type a few facts below in complete sentences. Students have gathered information about their Landmark from World Book online.

For a project example, click on the link below.

Joseph B – Landmark of New York City (2)

In the 3rd grade, students will begin their research on Brazil by using digital resources such as world Book student and World Book kids. Once the research is complete, students will develop a digital project that demonstrates their understanding of Brazilian Culture.


In the 4th grade, students will use digital tools from the google suite to study Colonial America. The teachers will provide students with age-appropriate websites that can be used for research.

colonial america

In the 5th grade, students will learn basic concepts from Computer Science such as sequences, loops, conditionals, debugging and variables. We will use games and puzzles from Course F of Code.org to teach students these concepts. At the end of the course, students will create their own projects and share them with the class.