Dear Lower Lab Parents,

As some of you may know I am recovering from emergency surgery that involved a hip replacement and femur repair. I am well on the road to early recover but the process of becoming functional in standing, walking, and bending will take some time, considerable physical attention and mental integration. So although I am confident of my long-term recovery, I have made the decision as part of my healing process to terminate my role as the Lower Lab PTA Psychology Consultant.

To say the least it has been a great honor for me to work with you, the parents of students at Lower Lab for the past eleven years providing consultations, referral resources, observations, and workshops. I have come to know you as an important and vibrant component of the Lower Lab educational community dedicated to not only the academic but also the emotional and social development of your children. I have been privileged to have you share your concerns with me and to trust me in supporting possible changes that might help you care of the developing human beings who are your children. I honor each individual conversation I have had with you along the way and the discourses during workshops that we have shared as part of looking at this very “tough” job you each face daily of parenting your children to become the best human beings they can be in a world that will surely need all of their capacities. I have also been honored to learn from you about creating a community of parents together with the administration, teachers and staff who collectively grabble with the job of nurturing and educating children.

So it is with sadness of heart that I say goodbye to you in the role I have played at Lower Lab. It is, though, with joy that I open myself to new roles in my life and should the opportunity offer itself for us to cross paths again, I would be honored in sharing in whatever way life offers.




Mary Katherine Boncher, Ph.D.