Happy New Year!  2018 is off to a great start in second grade!  

We’ve just begun our new units of study, and the children are working hard and making new discoveries.

Here’s what we’re working on now…


We launched our unit on fairy tales.  The children have been enjoying this unique genre.  Our lessons will focus on identifying traits of characters, characters’ motivations, the impact the setting has on the story, playful language, and magical elements.  As the children read, they have been instructed to jot about their noticings and theories.  It is important for them to get in the habit of writing down their thoughts while reading.


To introduce opinion writing, the children will write persuasive pieces about one of their strong opinions.  We’ll discuss the structure and development of an opinion piece, and how it differs from our previous genres.  Then we’ll use everything we know about opinion writing to write about our reading.  The children will create opinion pieces based on the post-its they are writing during Reading Workshop.  


We’re wrapping up our unit in geometry by studying fractions and equivalence.  We’ll be returning to our study of addition, subtraction, and the number system.  The children will be working on developing efficient strategies for solving problems and recording their work.  Part of this work will include adding on, counting back, and working with missing addend equations using the open number line, and using our knowledge of place value to solve problems.

Social Studies:

We have started our study of the “Age of Exploration”.  Our focus will be on Henry Hudson’s life as an explorer and the events of his four voyages.  We’re very excited to announce an in-class independent project about Hudson.  Please be on the lookout for a packet that will be going home about this soon.