Happy 2018!  As a teacher, this is always my favorite time of the year.  The ‘new school year’ jitters have worn off, the students are in a really nice groove with each other and the systems and routines of the classroom are automatic for everyone.  Everyday feels productive and yet we can find some time to laugh and enjoy senior year!  

Our current unit of study in math is place value and decimals.  Place value in fifth grade involves multiplying and dividing by powers of ten (without using the standard algorithm), knowing how to rewrite each place value as a power of ten and being able to convert units within the metric system.  The work with place value helps students understand decimals in a more sophisticated way.  As the month continues, we will cover rounding, ordering, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals.  

We are in our second science unit, Landforms.  Landforms is our Earth Science Unit, we will study maps, learn to read topographic maps and observe the effects erosion and deposition have on the earth through in-class simulations using sand, clay and water.  We will take some virtual field trips to the Grand Canyon and Death Valley via Google Earth!