Hello all,

In February, students in grades 2-4 will be creating social studies projects using digital tools to either produce or consume digital media messages.

In the 2nd grade, students will do research on Henry Hudson using digital resources such as websites and videos. Once the research is completed, students will create a short video of Henry Hudson using Loom, a recording software directly from their chrome browser. In this video, students will argue (why or why not) Henry Hudson was a successful explorer.

In the 3rd grade, students will continue learning about Brazil through mixed media resources such as video and web articles. In addition, students will create short video’s using Flipgrid, to answer questions posed by the teachers. Here’s an example below:


For Social Studies, the 4th grade students are creating advertisements from the Colonial Period. These advertisements will be created using canva, a website that has templates for marketing materials.

The 5th grade students are finishing up their computer science unit by completing course F of code.org. Students will be required to create a game from either PlayLab or Artist. Students must use sequence blocks, loops, conditionals and variables in their code.