Our K-5 music students have been developing their ears as musicians since the beginning of the school year.  Our music students are encouraged to listen to each other as they sing or play.  By listening to each other’s voices or playing, not only the students become more socially conscious, kind and respectful citizens, but also they learn “how to listen” to music. 

Different styles or genres of music have also been introduced into all K-5 classes.  Our students have been encouraged to enter different times and places by singing (grade K-3) or playing (grade 3-5), and listening to songs from history and other cultures (all grades), which even helps them build some knowledge about the other subjects.

After the students listen to a song, they fill out a listening worksheet to identify the key elements of music and to share their responses to music.  This particular type of activity is tremendously effective to boost their internalization and critical thinking.  Many students also exclaim about how fun our music listening activities are!

Here are some examples:

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