Reading Workshop

We are now moving through the Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles unit. We have talked about what to do when we come across tricky words:

  • Does it sound right, does it look right, does it make sense
  • We also discussed ways to introduce our books to our partners (i.e. My book is called__, It is about___, The pattern sounds like this____)
  • We also created reading mats to help us stay organized during reading workshop.  Please see image below: we used a file folder and glued this graphic organizer inside.  The children keep this in their bins at school, but feel free to make one and use it at home!  



We started our new writing unit, Writing To Teach Others!  We discussed and created a couple class books (how to make a happy face and how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich). We discussed what to do in detailed steps, we numbered our steps and we drew pictures for each step.  We also talked about using lowercase letters and capital letters to start new sentences.  



Our class is starting a new math unit called building numbers and solving word problems.  This unit is an introduction to addition and subtraction.  Throughout this unit students will be working towards the following goals:

  • Understanding that you can count on/back to add/subtract
  • Writing equations using +, -, =
  • Fluency with addition and subtraction facts, showing work and explaining solutions
  • Interpreting and solving addition and subtraction word problems where the result is unknown


Social Studies

We will be shifting our focus from the school community to the community at large.  Students will be learning about the following:

  • Communities have unique features and special purpose buildings (i.e. library, hospital, school)
  • Communities have landmarks, monuments, and architecture
  • Communities have forms of transportation



We are still learning all about animals.  Students are learning more about:

  • Life cycles
  • Habitats
  • Hibernation & Migration


Announcements & Reminders:

Homework: We sent home a revised homework packet for February (please check your child’s red folder.)

100th day: We will be celebrating our 100th day this Friday!

Publishing Party: Please save the date for Tuesday, February 27th!  We will be showcasing our How To stories from 8:30 – 9:00 (no food/drinks this time).  

Report Cards: If you haven’t already, please make sure to sign and return the report card envelopes.  Thanks!