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Friday, Feb 16​

Lobby of David Geffen Hall @ Lincoln Center

Morning Session: 10AM-12:30PM OR Afternoon Session:12:30P -3PM


ALL DAY      NYC Lunar New Year Scroll – Collaborative Art Project – Add Your Artwork!



A Creative Collaboration between China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts & New York City Students Across the Five Boroughs. 
Inspired by China’s most famous painting – Qingming Shanghe Tu (copy on display)
, this 40-foot-long NYC Lunar New Year Scroll
is a unique collage featuring hundreds of artworks on NYC life from students across the city, celebrating our cultural diversity. 

Come see both scrolls and add your art on Feb 16!

Future Art China – Youth Art Exhibit
“City, Vision, Future and Me.”
Presented by Committee of Future Art China and China Children
​and Teenagers’ Fund, this competition aims to explore and display
the talents and imagination of young artists aged between 3 to 17.
3,844 artworks were selected from 40,000 submissions!  150 outstanding works out of those 3844  will be exhibited on Feb 16.

​Come meet 10 of the winners from China in person!

10:00 AM
Doors Open

​10:45 AM
​1:15 PM

National Dance Institute
Live performance of a Lunar New Year Dog Dance by NDI’s Student Celebration Team along with students from its Chinese affiliate, Dancing into the Future, followed by an interactive instructor-led dog dance where ALL audience members are encouraged to join!


11:30 AM
​12:50 PM

Lang Lang International Music Foundation
An exclusive Lunar New Year message via video from Lang Lang, plus live performances on a Steinway baby grand by talented youth artists from the foundation’s Young Scholars Program.

11:50 AM
12:30 PM

NY Philharmonic  & Very Young Composers
Live performances from NY Philharmonic musicians Liang Wang (oboe), Pascual Martinez (clarinet), Justin Hines (percussion), Anna Rabinova (violin), Wendy Law (cello) and Max Zeugner (bass) as well as Chinese pipa artist Min Xiao-Fen and erhu artist Guowei Wang.  “Musical Postcards” – a dynamic exchange between Very Young Composers in Shanghai and New York City.