March 1, 2018

February was a loving month filled with beautiful warm colors and amazing ideas. Picasso said ” Art brings imagination to life”.  To enhance creativity I encourage students to stretch their imagination and experiment with multiple solutions when expressing their art. Amazing things happen when children are given more time to dream, “bluesky” and examine their work. They love to invent further ideas and practice the same concept using different mediums. This exploration generates inspiration for each other with great energy in our  studio.

Ground Hog Day!  Did he see his shadow ?

Kindergarten experimented with zigzag lines using various materials including 3-D folded paper. They explored the cultural art of Lunar New Year and created beautiful lanterns practicing     calligraphy. These are currently featured in room K-106.  Students are now working on the eclectic mosaics of NYC  artist Alma Thomas.      First grade had such a great time ravishing multi-mixed-media creating collaged cupcakes. Ripping paper and adding texture was an opportunity to discover colors, edges, feelings and much more. Now they are focused on Maz Zorn and his contemporary masking tape art. This is a wonderful experience to create abstract visuals from imagination. Adding sponge paint to the mix is a happy, messy fun day!

Second grade practiced the circular art of Vassily Kandinsky as they studied many color combinations such as neutrals, warm/cools and high contrasting shades. Understanding the mindful connection to colors was a insightful lesson. They continued this theroy with artists Josef Albers and Sonia Delauney’s circular designs.

Third grade is practicing their visual  skills with positive and negative space and how to shadow areas to add dimension and depth to their pictures. Next unit will be Sumi painting from Japan.

Fourth grade loves to use 4B drawing pencils to hatch and even cross-hatch in their sketchbooks. Students set up their own fruit still life as they learn how to focus practicing many observational drawing skills. Beautiful work indeed.

Fifth grade is working on their watercolor techniques with birch trees in the snow. These are on display outside the art room. The soft pastels solar art is now on featured in room 5-218. 

Stay tuned for our next creative exploration.