Dear families,

code 3

In March, students in grades 2-4 will participate in Computer Science lessons designed to teach students problem solving skills as well as creative expression. Each grade will use’s curriculum to learn coding skills using sequences, loops, conditionals and variables.

In the 2nd grade students, will finish completing their screencasts on Henry Hudson by the 2nd week of this month. After completing the videos, students will begin their computer science unit by starting course C from Students will complete coding puzzles, unplugged activities, build a flappy game and create an animated game in Play Lab. They will learn the definition of computer science, coding, algorithm, pixels and loops.


In the 3rd grade, students will use course D from to complete puzzles and activities that require basic knowledge of nested loops, events, debugging, conditionals and binary images. Students will use their knowledge and skills to create an animated game in Play Lab.

play lab      play lab 2

In the 4th grade, students will use course E from to complete activities using sequences, nested loops, variables, conditionals and functions. Students will build a star wars game and a game in Play Lab.

star wars

In the 5th grade, students will showcase the game they designed in Play Lab and Artist from Course F of The next project for the 5th graders will be to create a book review of their favorite fictional book by using google sites. A rubric and copy of the assignment will be handed out to the students by the 2nd week of March.