Reading Workshop

We wrapped up the Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles unit. We learned the following:

  • We can use our letter-sound knowledge to solve unknown words.  
  • We can solve words by looking at the beginning parts of words and then moving toward the ends of words.  
  • The children were also introduced to blends and digraphs!  They learned that as books get more challenging, they will have to move from looking at just the initial consonant in a word to looking at the first two or three consonants.


We wrapped up our Writing To Teach Others unit!  The students learned how to:

  • make a list of things they need
  • add warnings, suggestions, and tips
  • put important parts in bold or all caps
  • add dedications, introductions, and conclusions

And our publishing party was a huge success!  Thank you all so much for joining the celebration 🙂



Our class is finishing up our math unit called building numbers and solving word problems.  The students are learning more about addition and subtraction. The students continue to work towards the following goals:

  • Understanding that you can count on/back to add/subtract
  • Writing equations using +, -, =
  • Fluency with addition and subtraction facts, showing work and explaining solutions
  • Interpreting and solving addition and subtraction word problems where the result is unknown


Social Studies

Students have been learning about the following:

  • Communities have unique features and special purpose buildings (i.e. library, hospital, school)
  • Communities have landmarks, monuments, and architecture
  • Communities have forms of transportation



We are wrapping up our unit on animals.  Students have learned about:

  • Life cycles
  • Habitats
  • Hibernation & Migration


Announcements & Reminders:

Homework: We will be sending home March homework this week, please make sure to check everyone’s red folders.

Field Trips: Please save the dates for APRIL 24TH and MAY 1ST! More details regarding field trips will be sent home in a couple weeks.

Book Fair: We will be going to the book fair on Thursday, March 15th (K101) and Friday, March 16th (K106).

Auction: PTA auction was rescheduled for Wednesday, March 14th