We are hard at work in room 220! March has roared in like a lion, and we are roaring back with enthusiasm and focus.

Our argument and advocacy unit drew to a close quite literally with the creation of some thought provoking infographics. This work communicates our opinions, reasons, and evidence around some hot button issues, and we’ll be happy to display them for you to see at our conferences next week.

A sneak peek:

We also completed our opinion essay writing unit with some passionate and well researched essays on whether chocolate milk should be served in schools. All of this work will dovetail nicely with the writing we will do in our current test preparation unit!

We are preparing for the fifth grade ELA test through a mixture of guided practice, partner work, and small group instruction. The students are already experienced after all their hard work in fourth grade; this year’s job is to maintain that level of focus while fine tuning our written responses for fifth grade expectations. We’ll discuss more at parent teacher conferences so that you’ll know the specific goals we’re addressing with your child.

Enjoy your weekend and see you soon!