The month of March we focus on Geometry.  Students will study triangles, quadrilaterals and circles as well as measuring angles with a protractor and calculating complementary and reflex angles.  Students should be able to describe triangles and quadrilaterals based on their characteristics (angles, side lengths, parallel lines and perpendicular lines).

We will start reviewing for the state test in the next few weeks and I look forward to seeing you to discuss your child’s progress next week!


Our work with Landforms is wrapping up and our next unit is Food & Nutrition, where we will study the science of foods.  We are always looking for experts in nutrition to come talk to the class, please let me know if you’re interested!

Science Fair has begun….ideas are due on Monday through Google Classroom I have asked the students to share their documents with you so when I leave comments and questions, they should be visible to you as well.  

Thank you for your support, please email with comments or questions!