Tickets cost $10 each

Cash or check payment or buy tickets online at www.PS77Auction.org

Make checks payable to Lower Lab School PTA Inc.

There is no limit to the number of tickets you may purchase.

Each year for the Annual Auction, Lower Lab School Faculty & Staff generously donate their time for the


We are pleased to offer this year’s list of Teacher Treat Prizes

Although winners are announced at the auction, you do not need to be present to win!

It is a chance for the winning students to spend some time with their teacher one on one or in a small group.

All treat dates are “to be determined” unless otherwise specified.

Backpack all raffle tickets and money to the PTA mailbox, Attn: Teacher Treats

Tickets will be sold through March 5th and on the night of the auction at the Teacher Treat Table.


  1. Can You Handle Laura King?

Laura King (5-220) will take the winner and a friend to 16 Handles on an arranged Thursday. One (1) raffle will be drawn.

  1. Personalized Short Stories by Hugues Recamier

Hugues will write a short story just for you! This will be based on your child’s request or specifications. One (1) Raffle ticket will be drawn.

  1. Improv Theater Workshop with Ms. Courtwright

Try acting without a script! This super fun workshop will teach you the basics of improv. You will play a variety of speaking (and silent) games with the group and create interesting characters in the moment. You will learn how to let go of your own thoughts and join the “group mind” This workshop will take place on a Wednesday after school from 2:45-3:45. An after-school snack will also be provided. Six (6) raffle tickets will be drawn.

  1. The “Ds” Have It!

D’Andre (Main Office) and Dion (3rd Grade TA) will host/ref A LAB ALL STAR EVENT! Winners will have a 5 on 5 full basketball court game during recess and a pizza lunch celebration afterwards. Treat will occur during school in either May or June, date to be determined. (This Teacher Treat is for GRADES 3-5 ONLY!) Ten (10) raffle tickets will be drawn.

  1. We All (Ice) Scream For Robyn

Robyn Millman, teacher (2-206) will take the lucky winner and ONE friend out for an afterschool ice cream treat!  Location TBD, depending on weather. One (1) raffle ticket will be drawn.

  1. Game, Set, Match, it’s the Goodman Games!

Join Mr. Goodman our Physical Education Teacher for a smashing good time as he instructs you in a private tennis lesson or group session in the yard during Lunch and Recess. This lesson will culminate in a trip for Zesty’s deliciousness. One (1) ticket will be drawn and if winner chooses a group lesson they can bring one buddy to join in their treat.

  1. Check out the Polar Bear with Ms. Sophia

Ms. Sophia (K-106) will take 1 lucky animal lover and their friend on a trip to The Central Park Zoo! This lucky Winner can invite ONE special friend to accompany them. Visit will take place on a mutually agreed upon date and time.  One (1) ticket will be drawn. 

  1. Barnes and Noble with Claudia?

Claudia Coia, teacher (5th Grade Math/Science) will travel to Barnes & Noble with one winner and 1 special friend for book shopping and hot chocolate at Starbucks. Claudia will award a book to the raffle winner!  One (1) ticket will be drawn.

  1. AP for the Day with Ms. Perez!

Denise Perez (our Asst. Principal) needs some help! This raffle winner will act as an Assistant Principal for the whole day! Imagine going for a lunch with the administration too! One (1) raffle will be drawn.

  1. Haimeck is Hungry for PIZZA!

Ms. Haimeck, teacher (2-203) will take one winning student and a friend of their choosing out for a special pizza lunch. Date will be chosen by Ms. Haimeck and the winner’s parents will be notified. One (1) raffle will be drawn.

  1. Take the “Lead” with Sarah and Wonder Pup Hadley!

Miss Sarah, teacher (1-141) will take a walk in Central Park with 2 winners, and special guest star Hadley the Writing Workshop superstar!  Finally, top off this “treat” with ICE CREAM!!!  Two (2) raffles will be drawn.

  1. Principal for the Day (LOWER GRADES K-2)

It’s TRUE! You could be principal of The Lower lab School for the day. One lucky student from grades K-2 will have the opportunity to share some of the responsibilities of being a principal. (Times to be arranged as per schedule) One (1) raffle ticket will be drawn and winner must dress for success.

  1. Get Crafty with Lila and Lauren

Lauren Linder (Speech) and Lila Chess (OT) are so crafty! They will take one winner and their super special friend to the Craft Studio for extra special craftiness! One (1) raffle ticket will be drawn! 

  1. Principal for the Day (UPPER GRADES 3-5)

One lucky 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader will have the opportunity to share a principal’s responsibilities for the day. (Times to be arranged as per schedule). One (1) raffle ticket will be drawn. Upperclassmen, dress for success!

  1. Scooping with Seferian!

Donna, teacher (4-243) will take one winning student and a friend out for an after-school trip to an ice cream parlor for a yummy scoop! One (1) raffle ticket will be drawn.

  1. Tea for Two with Leslie

Leslie Blaustein, teacher (3-205), will take a trip to Alice’s Tea Cup with one winner for afternoon tea. The treat will take place following school on a mutually convenient day. Treat is open to 3rd grade students only. One (1) raffle ticket will be drawn.

  1. French Conversations with Hugues!

Hugues Hugues Hugues UN DEUX TROIS!  Hugues will have a French conversation and treat with 3 Winners. This will be a time and location that is mutual for all parties! Students should have French Language Fluency!  Merci! Three (3) raffle ticket will be drawn.

  1. Katarina will Blind You with Science!

Scientists rejoice! You will be in awe of this teacher treat! Katarina, our dedicated Science teacher has once again outdone herself with a basket chock full of awesome science stuff. All items have been lovingly selected by Katarina for maximum science fun. One (1) raffle ticket will be drawn, and the basket will be available to take home from the auction. (Note: this is a different basket from the “class science basket”)


  1. Hail to the Chief! An Executive Lunch

Our Principal Sandy Miller, Assistant Principal Ms. Perez, Parent Coordinator Gina Goodman, Guidance Counselor Josh Goldstein, and Sam Chan our Business Manager will invite FIVE winners for an executive lunch. Five (5) raffle tickets will be drawn and all winners will attend this lunch on a single date to be announced in the future.


  1. Kristin Has a Sweet Tooth

Kristin Broderick, teacher (1-103) will take TWO lucky students to Dylan’s Candy Bar for a delicious mixture of candy and sweet treats!! Two (2) raffle tickets will be drawn.



  1. Tracy’s Games, Treats and More

Share an amazing Lunch and Recess with Ms. Tracy (k-101).  Bring your own lunch and Ms. Tracy will provide the treats and games. This treat will happen during school’s Lunch and recess for the lower grades at a date to be determined. Three (3) raffle tickets will be drawn.

  1. The Big Act with Gina Goodman

The Lower Lab Variety Show is coming up in May. Get your act performance ready with one on one professional coaching and input from our very own triple threat Gina Goodman! Gina will give you tips and help with your act from start to finish! One (1) raffle ticket will be drawn.

  1. Get the Scoop with Kevin

Kevin Kok, teacher (3-208) is ready to take a lucky student for an ice cream treat! The winner and ONE friend will join Kevin after school for a special ice cream treat. One (1) raffle ticket will be drawn.

  1. Hanna Craves Pizza!

Hanna Richman (Our SETTS/IEP Learning Specialist Teacher) will invite ONE student and a special friend for a tasty pizza lunch at Zesty Pizzeria on 3rd Ave. This treat takes place during lunch. One (1) raffle ticket will be drawn.

  1. Cupcakes 2 Ways with Michelle

Michelle Liss, our Art Teacher will assist ONE winner and a friend to make their very own cupcakes out of clay. They will get to paint and even add sparkles to their creation! When you are finished, enjoy your very own tasty treat courtesy of Michelle! This treat takes place after school in the Art Room. One (1) raffle ticket will be drawn


  1. Josh Has a License to Chill

Josh Goldstein (Guidance Counselor) is ready to “chill” out with an ice cream snack for one lucky student and a friend of their choice.              Date to be decided. One (1) ticket will be drawn.

  1. Katie “Klassroom Karaoke”

Katie and Eve our amazing TA’s will make some Karaoke Sounds with the winner and 3 of their friends! This treat will be on a Thursday afternoon in room 220 “Jam on it!”   One (1) tickets will be drawn.

  1. Musical Adventures with Kim

Miss Kim, K-5 Music Teacher, will give a music lesson to one lucky winner! The winner gets to bring a friend and can choose from an instrumental lesson (of their choice), or music theory, history, and appreciation. This Treat is open to ALL students. One (1) raffle ticket will be drawn.










CHECKS made payable to Lower Lab PTA Inc.

You may also purchase tickets online at

www.PS77Auction.org. To purchase online if you are unable to attend the Auction, please email PS77fundraising@gmail.com with your raffle selections.


Please backpack to school by March 5th