During April, our focus will be on reviewing content from the school year as well as test taking strategies for problem solving and reviewing good habits when taking a test. Each week the class is focused on one area of mathematics (for example, this week is all about fractions) and reviewing through small group work, partner work and independent work.  In addition, we will be finishing the geometry unit and then we will move into a statistics and probability unit.

One of the math centers this month is to read The Number Devil by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, a fictional story about a boy who is visited by a number devil each night.  The book creatively introduces many mathematical concepts.



Friday will be our first lab from the Food & Nutrition unit.  During this lab students will study the amount of fats in everyday food, I will be asking the students to bring some food samples from home, don’t be alarmed if they are rooting through your pantry or fridge!

We are always looking for experts in nutrition to come talk to the class, please let me know if you’re interested!

Science Fair has begun….proposals are due Wednesday!  


Rocking Horse Ranch paperwork was sent home today, please fill out all pages and return on or before Friday, April 13th.

National Science League 2018 Competition Date: Friday, April 27th

Fifth Grade Olympic Day: Thursday, May 25th

Graduation: 9am, Friday June 22nd