Dear families,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful vacation. In April, our students in 2nd through 4th grade will continue learning Computer Science concepts using’s curriculum. is a website that teaches students coding using blockly, a visual coding language that can be used to build programs. Students in 2nd and 3rd grade will create their own programs using either Play Lab or Artist.

In the 4th grade, computer science will integrate with the math curriculum by teaching students how to draw geometrical shapes using code in Artist. Students will create shapes such as squares, triangles, circles and pentagons. Students will also create games using Play Lab. In these games, students will be expected to use Loops, conditionals and event blocks to create their game.


In the 5th grade, students will continue designing their google sites for their book review project. The site should have a home page, character page, setting page and review. The students will also be required to add images and original text to their pages.

Here’s a screen shot of the template

The students will publish their sites on Friday, May 25th in Digital Media class.