Spring has sprung (hopefully!) and with it the long anticipated advent of the ELA exam. As I shared with the fifth graders today, they should feel confident and prepared after all their hard work. What students should do tonight to be ready for tomorrow:

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Pack a water bottle that won’t leak and a few high-interest books
  • Wear comfy clothes, including a sweatshirt in case the AC gets chilly
  • Eat a robust breakfast (lunch will be later than usual)

With the way time has been flying, we’ll soon be on to our exciting new units of study. We’ll be spending a week-long ‘palate cleanser’ unit to honor April as National Poetry Month. After that, we’ll continue to integrate reading, writing, and social studies as we do a deep research dive into the study of the Civil Rights movement in the United States. Students will read and take notes in preparation for writing research papers that highlight specific subtopics. We will be excited to share the results of this critical research work with you!