Reading Workshop

We started our non-fiction unit last month: Growing Expertise.  Students learned about the following features found in informational books:

  • headings
  • diagrams
  • labels & captions
  • table of contents
  • glossary
  • index  
  • special print: bold, underlined, italics


We started our new writing unit: persuasive writing. We are writing about problems in the classroom/school/world, reasons it may be a problem, and ways to fix the problem. We are working really hard to first write about:

  • Finding a problem (students are running in the hallways)
  • Convincing others why that is a problem (students may slip and fall, hurt themselves, crash into each other)
  • Finding ways to fix the problem, coming up with solutions (putting up signs to remind students to walk, having teachers remind students not to run etc.)


As we continue our work in addition and subtraction, students were presented with a real world problem that required them to go off and investigate. The investigation started with the story of a sleep over, in which 8 children play, moving up and down bunk beds, teasing the babysitter who imagines she is losing and then gaining children! Students had to find all the different ways to arrange the eight children on the bunk beds. This unit introduced and/or reinforced the following ideas, strategies and tools:

  • compensation and equivalence,
  • Using trial and error vs. systematic production of arrangements
  • Using an arithmetic rack.

Social Studies

Students have been learning about the following:

  • US symbols, landmarks and monuments (Statue of Liberty, American flag, Liberty bell, Washington monument, White house etc. )
  • Neighborhoods (suburban/urban/rural)


We are learning about Earth and the environment

  • Green living and conservation (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)
  • Natural resources
  • Energy sources

Announcements & Reminders:

Homework: We passed out April homework (please check red folders)  

Field Trips: We have two upcoming field trips on 4/24 and 5/1. Please refer to emails for more information and check student red folders for permission slips.