Welcome back from Spring Break!! We hope everyone had a restful break. It was so good to see the kids back at school!

As we mentioned in last month’s blog post, we have recently began new units in every academic area. As we continue this work, we want to keep you updated on what we are focusing on within these units.

Reading: Within our series book club unit, we are now looking at the author’s craft and how he or she creates images in the reader’s mind.  Many of the children have read a few books in their series and have become experts on their characters. Their goal is to use what they’ve learned from the beginning of this unit to become experts as we continue reading series books.

Writing: We’re continuing our work on writing realistic fiction series.  Our focus is on leads that draw the reader in, dialogue that creates tension, and endings that leave the reader feeling satisfied.  Many children have already written several books about the same character.


Math: Our work with addition and subtraction strategies is going well.  The children are learning to name the strategies they are using. When choosing a strategy, they are thinking about the most efficient way to solve the problem.  We will be going in depth in our study of geometry soon.

Social Studies: The children recently learned the topics they will be researching about life in New Amsterdam, and have begun doing their research.  The children are invited to do their own research online at home, or to take out books from the public library, in order to help them become experts on their topic.  We are also looking forward to conducting research on our upcoming field trips. Be on the lookout for an email if you volunteered to chaperone. Unfortunately, there’s limited space so we must chose by lottery.

All the best,

Robyn and Mrs. Haimeck