April 2018      Welcome Back!

March came in like a Lion with Roaring Pastels

The art room was like a lion last month as Kindergarten students enthusiastically watched the roaring snow glide against our windows. This inspired them to  explore the lion portrait using a strong color palette of pastels intertwined with graphic paper. Radial lines and facial expression was the highlight of the lesson. Now the soft and fluffy lamb will be making an appearance, hopefully soon!                                                                                                                                                                    First Grade explored the world of resist. This technique happens when one medium or material is rejected by another creating an interesting texture. Multi shrills of delight were expressed by children as they watched the artist Max Zorn create his amazing tape art. He believes, “Exploration is the key, as art brings imagination to life”. Our students then worked with masking tape and free-form abstract designs. Next, they invented rain scenes using oil pastels that resisted watercolors. Beautiful designs with many original and open-ended stories.

Abstract Tape Resist
Oil Pastel Resist

Second graders have been learning about the psychology of colors inspired by artists Josef Albers and Henri Matisse. This discovery helps students learn that various colors have an impact on our emotions, reactions and also the decisions we make with our brain. Blue and green create calm thoughts, red for zesty energy and orange, this helps students keep their attention when  doing homework.


Positive /Negative art

Third grade worked on the Principal of Design with a focus on composition and positive and negative space. They also learned how to cast a shadow on each object to create a lift of excitement and dimension to their art.

Our fourth graders continued to work on observational drawing which is learning how to draw realistically. Drawing what they see, not what is in their imagination takes extended discipline and practice.  They have been working on various shading techniques and ways to add shape to cylinders.                             Our fabulous seniors are working on relief sculpture. This is a 2D design that extends outward from the surface. It is half-way between flat and 3 dimensional art. Origami is the skill. Principal of design focus in this project  is on the components; balance, rhythm, movement and unity.  Students are encouraged to be as creative as possible, as long as they follow the guidelines. Working in teams to solve the puzzle is happy experience. Stay tuned for these amazing works of art. Currently in progress.