May 1, 2018

Welcome Spring and the beautiful visuals that flow all around room 241. This past month student artwork has evolved in many interesting ways as I support open-ended outcomes. The best is yet to come with creativity when our artists think out of the box. I encourage students to reach for the moon, and land among the stars. It is important to let children decide how to proceed forward with materials as they learn how to advance their  skills; artistic self -expression is up to them.

Matisse Collage

Kindergarten worked with many freeform shapes as they created their glorious lamb. Artistic expression helped design grennary, spring air and zigzag folded legs. This art was an opportunity to follow photography and then create their own version. As students continued learning about organic shapes they turned their craft into  colorful pizza art. Collage filled the circular design. Children are now practicing lines with a ruler as they sketch a checkerboard tablecloth.

First grade had a learning experience with paper tape. Using water and sponges to adhere materials they formatted their green vines  in an interesting composition. Each student cut red foam swatches into ovals adding symmetrical dots with sharpies. Ladybugs are beautiful creatures especially when they are mixed with flowing tissue paper daffodils. Children are currently working on Aboriginal dot art learning the history of George Seurat’s pointillism as well as Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama.

Second grade continued color theory with Fauvist Henri Matisse as their source of inspiration. Learning how to cut swirls and attach contrasting shapes in layers created these fluid and vibrant collages. Now we are discovering the work of Van Gogh and his swirling skies.

Third grade has been working on tessellations that require the craft of balanced colors. They also are traveling through Asian cultural art woking with Sumi- brushes, calligraphy and black ink.

basic-pen-and-ink-techniques-what-is-stippling-in-art (1)
Stippled Sphere

Fourth grade continues developing their observational skills as they learn contour drawing the edges of an object. Keep your pen on the paper; without lifting or correcting. We also proceeded with shadows drawn in a “stipple” style using black ink. This has been a huge success. Next project is learning how to use a ” viewfinder” to zoom in and magnify details.


Fifth grade just completed their relief art. This is a medium that is midway between 2D and 3D sculpture. Some students created their symmetrical balanced visual with origami art focusing on movement and balance. Other students used white cone shapes to construct rhythm protruding off of black paper.  Amazing work. Stay tuned for our next team project in sculpture.

Relief Origami Sculpture