We have completed a ‘Fat Test’ and a ‘Sugar Test’ for our Food and Nutrition unit.  During the fat test, students measured one gram of food, spread it on a piece of brown paper and let the sample sit over the weekend.  On Monday, we scraped off the food and measured the area of the dark spot left behind from the food. Letting it sit for the weekend helps to separate wet spots from fat spots.  Of the foods we tested, butter, salami and peanut butter were the fattiest foods we tested and raisins, marshmallows and pretzels were the least. The students engaged in an interesting discussion over foods that surprised them, and foods to enjoy in moderation based on these results.  We know our bodies need fat, but we do want to keep an eye on how much is consumed in a day/week.

During the sugar test, we measured 3 grams of cereal, 10 mg of yeast and 50mL of warm water, combined them all in a baggie and let it sit in a bath of warm water.  After ten minutes we measured the volume of the bag and learned that cereals with a lot of sugar ‘puffed up’ because the yeast and the sugar metabolized and gave off CO2.  We measured again after 20 minutes and found Lucky Charms & Frosted Mini-Wheats had a high volume of CO2, while Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Rice Krispies did not.  Many students understand and see the value in limiting the amount of sugar they consume, and again, moderation was the theme! 

Our next lab will be an acid test, food samples will not be needed.  (Thank you for your food donations so far!)

Science Fair: The rough draft of the written report is due Friday, the document is posted on Google Classroom. (If you need another weekend, Monday, May 7th is fine too!)

National Science League: Wow, Class of 2018 gets the ‘Most Enthusiastic About a Multiple Choice Science Test’ award!  Each week, they researched, read and discussed (agreeing and disagreeing) every topic in “that green book”!  Thank you for your support!

Special congratulations goes to: Bob Spinna, Daniel Kim, Isabella Capole-Chung, Vincent Bruckner, Tommy Hansen, Christopher Lee,  Jonah Peirez, Ethan Leonard, Andrey Karpovich, Triton Oh, Arden Barnwell, Anna Eliasson, Ian Buchanan, Pearce Marinis, Elly Park for their high achievements on this year’s National Science League competition.


We will cover statistics and data over the next few weeks, focusing on the four step process of statistics (formulating questions, collecting data, analyzing data and interpreting results) and thinking about statistics as the measures that describe the data.  Pie charts, line plots and bar graphs and more!

A few dates:

  • Health Class Parent Meeting: May 3, 8:30am, M39
  • Fifth Grade Olympics: May 24
  • Rocking Horse Ranch Overnight: May 30-May 31
  • June 1: Awards Ceremony (If your child is receiving an award you are invited to attend.  If you’re not sure, email me and I will let you know.)