May 1, 2018

Dear Third Grade Families:

We are so proud of our third graders for all their diligence and perseverance during the recent ELA and Math State Exams.

 Some Celebratory Moments in April…

  • Social Studies: We launched our study of China and enjoyed a workshop with Symphony Space.
  • Writing: We have been working with our research clubs around a shared topic.
  • Reading: We have been learning how to take notes as researchers.
  • Our Math Unit: We spent the last few weeks deepening our understanding of concepts introduced earlier in the year, and even touched on a few new skills including weight and volume.

Looking Forward To The Month Ahead…May

Reading: Social Issues Book Clubs: We will soon transition from our research clubs to a unit where students can read books to teach them how to live their lives. Students will learn to interpret and determine themes–work that will be hugely important for them next year and beyond.

Writing: Poetry ~ Students will try their hand at poetry. This will begin with couplets similar to the type of poems Chinese write on banners to signify hope and happiness for the New Year. Following this, we will practice writing other forms of poetry including: Haiku, Acrostic, Limerick, Free verse, Narrative and more!

Math: Addition, Subtraction, and The Number System In the next math unit, students will develop ideas about counting and quantity, place value and the base-ten number system, and the meaning of operations with whole numbers. These ideas will be developed through activities that focus on understanding the operations of addition and subtraction, and through practicing fluency while adding and subtracting.

Social Studies: China Students have each chosen a subtopic of interest around China that they will research in class over the next month. We will continue to use a variety of resources including videos, online resources and picture books to support this valuable work. Students will also learn how to write a bibliography. As a culminating project, students will write an article supported by a pictorial display on a 22X 28 poster.

Class Trips: We have a few upcoming class trips. Stay tuned for more details and opportunities to be a chaperone over the next couple of days.

Until Soon,

Leslie And Kevin