Dear Families,

Happy May!!  It is so nice to see the signs of Spring all around us.  We hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather.  We wanted to update you on some of the exciting things going on in First Grade.

In reading, we are moving into learning about the world by studying non fiction books.  The children will be learning about how to do the tricky multidimensional work of “integrating sources”-in kid language that means squeezing all the knowledge that they can out of the books that they are reading.   The kids will be encouraged to read as much non fiction as possible, studying the pictures and the words.  Throughout this unit we hope to promote deeper conversations between our reading buddies, showing them that non fiction readers don’t just regurgitate facts, but instead think deeply and talk about the information that they are learning.

In Math, we continue to work on the place value of two digit numbers and operating on those numbers within 100.  Our mathematicians continue to develop their ever growing repertoire of tools by working with number lines, tally marks, tens frames, 100 charts and connecting cubes to help them understand place value.

Architecture is going great!  The children really enjoyed the last few sessions where they had the chance to use white pencils and develop buildings using many of the different types of architectural elements such as cornice, stoops, dormers, arches & sills! Their blueprints are fantastic and so creative!  In the coming weeks we will begin to make our building plans for our neighborhood.  The children will work as architects, builders, and urban planners.  We are looking forward to our next Walking Tour scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, May 3rd.

Just a reminder, our next publishing party is on May 7th at 8:30am.  The children have been working tirelessly to develop interesting & realistic characters across several books.  They have named their series and really see themselves as authors.  We can’t wait to celebrate!  Looking ahead… our next writing unit will be non fiction research books.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any question, concerns, and/or delights.

All the best,

Kristin and Sarah