-Grade 1


The students are finishing the study of sound (pitch, volume) that is a part of the Investigation 1: Solids. They will soon start few hands-on, minds-on explorations of light (sorting objects into three categories-transparent, translucent and opaque, reflection, refraction). The study of light represents the last part of the Investigation 1. It will be followed by the Investigation 2: Liquids.

In Liquids, students will

  • Observe the properties of a variety of liquid materials.
  • Record information about properties of liquids.
  • Investigate and record the level nature of liquid as it flows from one stable position to another.
  • Investigate the appearance and behavior of liquids in containers.

Note: During the second half of the month (up to the Science Fair, June 12th), students will have opportunity to observe the life cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly.


-Grade 2

DSCN3994The students finished Investigation 1: Balance (Unit ”Forces and Motion”_ and started Investigation 2: Spinners (Tops, Zoomers and Twirlers). Through this investigation they will learn that

  • Objects and systems that turn on a central axis exhibit rotational motion.
  • The amount and position of mass affect how an object rotates.
  • Push or pull (a force) is needed to initiate rotational motion in objects and systems. Air resistance can get as the force that initiates rotational motion (twirlers).

They will construct toys that demonstrate spinning and explore variables that influence the spinning tops, zoomers, and twirlers.


-Grade 3


The students started the Unit “Physics of Sound” with the pre-assessment. The Investigation 1: Dropping In  described in the last month blog remained for this month. In addition, the students will do Investigation 2: Good Vibrations.

In Good Vibrations, students will

  • Observe that sound originates from vibrating sources.
  • Compare high-, low-, and medium- pitched sounds. (Demonstrate their understanding of the role length and tension play in the modification of pitch.)
  • Record observations and comparisons of sounds.

They will experiment with a  water-phone (five bottles filled with different amount of water), xylophone, kalimba and make panpipes (folk instruments), in order to understand how length of the sound source affects pitch. They will use a mini-gutbucket and set up a FOSS- ulele in order to observe how tension of a string, or a rubber band affects the pitch.


-Grade 4

DSCN3999The students are finishing Investigation 2: Advanced Connections (Unit “Electricity and Magnetism”) that was described in the last month blog. Soon, they will start Investigation 3: Current Attractions.

In Current Attractions Students will

  • Learn how to make an electromagnet and at the same time to understand that electromagnetism is magnetism created by current flowing through a conductor.
  • Find the relationship between the number of winds of wire around a core and the strength of the magnetic force.
  • Propose other ways to change the strength of the electromagnet (for example: tighter coils, changing the number of D-cells, using different wire gauge).

Also, students already started and are continuing with the hands-on, minds-on activities that represent the preparation for the upcoming NYS Science Performance Part of the Test- Wednesday, May 23rd, Thursday, May 24th, and Friday, May 25th. The length of the test is only 45 minutes for each student with exception of the students with the accommodations.


-Science Fair Projects- Update for the Grades 3 & 4

Parents, please make sure that your child is working already on his/ her hands-on part of the science fair project (collecting data- evidence). Students are already informed about this as well as what are the next steps necessary to take in order to complete the science fair project report.

-Upcoming Events

  • Manhattan Make-A-Thon (Manhattan Field Support Special Events by Lori Stahl/ Van Brackle, Instructional Technology Director)

Hands-on Maker projects led by teachers and student Makers



Saturday, May 19th, 2018

10:00 AM- 4:00PM

at Martin Luther Kind High School Campus

122 Amsterdam Avenue ( between 65th & 66th Streets)

to get free tickets go to tinyurl.com/mfscmakered

  • World Science Festival City of Science: Hands-on Science Activities, Interactive Demonstrations, and Exhibitions (For example: walk on water. Blast balls into orbit. Defy gravity.)

Manhattan: Sunday, June 3, 2018

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

at NYU/ Washington Square Park

Free Admission

Both events represent excellent opportunities that are provided to children as well as adults.