Happy MAY!! It’s hard to believe this year is almost over, but there is still so much fun ahead of us. You will receive a packet about our Neighborhood Project. In the past, students have loved their family visit to the neighborhood they are studying, so pick some exciting places!

Reading: We have launched our unit on biographies, and since biographies are a hybrid between informational and narrative reading, our work is reflecting this.  The children are learning how to infer within a text, providing evidence to support their thinking. To meet our goals of identifying a character’s emotions and character traits we are using what a character says, does, thinks, and the pictures as clues.  We will also be practicing other reading skills and strategies that will help support our reading work in this special genre.

Writing: And the winner is… The children will be working on writing awards about their favorite books and characters from this year’s reading. Each student will choose a book that they think deserves an award. They will back up their opinions with evidence from the text, by using comparisons to other characters or texts and precise language.

Math: The children have been working on understanding and finding the perimeter of two-dimensional shapes.  Next, we will be moving into finding the area to cover and measure a flat space. The children will first use square units, then they will apply their knowledge of multiplication to find the area of rectangles, and rectilinear shapes (shapes made up of multiple rectangles).

Social Studies: We are continuing our study about life in New Amsterdam.  We have discussed that research can been done in many different ways – reading books, talking to experts, going on field trips, and looking at paintings.  

We are also excited that our Salvadori enrichment program has begun.  The children are enjoying learning about bridges with our instructor, Miss Amanda, including how bridges fit into the built environment, their geometric shapes, and the forces that help them function.
All the best,

Robyn and Mrs. Haimeck