After drop off this Tuesday May 15th, there will be a General PTA Meeting in the Lower Lab cafeteria. At this meeting we will hold elections for the 2018-2019 school year. We will also be voting on the proposed amended bylaws. By DOE regulations, you must be present to vote.

Below is a list of individuals who have been already been nominated for the PTA Executive Board or SLT Parent Representative positions. Nominations may also be taken from the floor prior to the elections, which will take place on Tuesday, May 15th during our PTA General Meeting. The only qualification for all offices is that the candidate be a parent of a child in the school. If you have any questions, please contact Nominating Committee chair Jack Basavaiah at
Co-Presidents (up to 3)
Amanda Burnovski, Emily Kadin-Leshanski, and Mark Lion (running as a slate)

Vice President(s) of External Affairs (up to 2)
Savitri Basavaiah
Karina Plotko

Vice President(s) of Fundraising (up to 3)
Denice Balducci
Wendy Hubbert
Maxine Hynes

Secretaries (up to 2)
Kay Kim
Anat Peirez

Corrine Lin

Asst. Treasurer
Jin Park
Mirna Escobar

Director(s) of Communication and Technology (up to 2)
[No one at this time]

Grade Representatives (2 for each grade)
Jackie Maese
Lily Mowry

Eleni Gage
Alix Kupferschmidt

Hayjin Byun
Andrea Segarra

Catherine Lee
Angela Myatt

Julie Rosenberg
Amalia Suryani

SLT Parent Representatives (3 Positions):
Payal Aggarwal
Erzsi Karkus
Casey Mack
Susan Switzer