Dear Families,

A few important updates as our year begins to wrap up.
Students are working on a variety of end of year projects. In Social Studies, they have a written draft of their Government  paper due this Friday, May 25th. This is to be done in Google Classroom. They have had class time to work on this during the week. If they need more time, please support them in completing this task at home this week. Also due on Friday is a brief plan for their creative project, written on an index card.
In addition, all students have an independent writing (genre of their choice) piece due Thursday, May 24 at the end of the day. There has been some time to type this at school but they are welcome to type it or write it at home.
Please check in with your child regarding homework for this class and for others such as Science. This will help ensure that they stay up to date with homework assignments and other important school information.  Unfortunately, too many children are still coming in without required work despite many reminders!

Your children have been hard at work preparing a play about their social studies curriculum to share with you in early June. 

Our Wingspan Show for Families is Wednesday, June 6th at 6:30pm. Students must be at school at 6pm SHARP to get ready. The show for families begins at 6:30pm.

In addition, students must be present at school on June 5th, and 6th for our in school performances. Please let us know ASAP if this is problematic for your family. 

For costumes, students should wear any combination of red, white, and/or blue from their wardrobe and shoes that they can comfortably move in. They can wear sneakers. Shoes should be quiet. Blue jeans are fine. No shorts. If possible please avoid any graphics, t-shirt writing, or patterns on the clothing; solid colors are preferred. If your child is playing an “anthropologist” (he/she/they would know) we request a white button down shirt to wear over their red/white/blue costume. Students should wear the costume to school on Tuesday, June 5th and Wednesday, June 6th.

If you have a desire to help with the play, the greatest help would be to practice lines and blocking at home with your child, to help them become 100% memorized and confident. 


We hope you can join us on Tuesday, June 19th for a publishing party to celebrate recent work. This will be from 8:30am-9:30am in the classroom.


Thank you,