May 23, 2018

Dear PS 77 and PS 198 Teachers and Families,

We held the May 2018 Student Council meetings on Tuesday, May 22nd in room M39.  The greetings for both the lower and the upper grade meetings were given by Student Council representatives; two students volunteered to kick off each meeting.  The representatives shared a few things about themselves and then they answered questions from their peers, which allowed for the practice of public speaking skills as well as active listening and questioning skills.  This greeting style is also a great way for the representatives to get to know each other better!

Both our lower grade and upper grade group participated in the ice-breaker “Balloons Aloft” which comes from the book Creating The Peaceable School: A Comprehensive Program for Teaching Conflict Resolution (Second Edition) by Richard J. Bodine, Donna K. Crawford, and Fred Schrumpf.  Students split up into small groups and each group was given a balloon. The groups were directed to keep the balloon in the air for 30 seconds, then for 30 second without hands/fingers, and then for 30 second with just legs/feet. It was a fun activity that focused on cooperation and teamwork.


For our lower grade activity, students listened to sections of the book Unstoppable Me, by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. We discussed the concept of “Positive Self –Talk” and students gave examples of positive and negative self-talk. The representatives created their own positive self-talk flowers to be displayed in a hallway wall garden.

The main activity for the upper grade students was on point of view. Students first studied and discussed what they saw in a “young girl, old woman” drawing. Some people saw the young woman, while others saw the old woman. This was a visual activity that helped the children further understand that another person’s point of view, while different, can also be correct.

Next, pairs of volunteers received “scenarios” in which characters experienced conflicts that were familiar to us. After role playing each situation, students were asked to switch roles in order to “stand in the shoes” of the other character. This provided the opportunity to discuss the challenges and benefits of truly recognizing someone else’s point of view.

We concluded our meetings with the “Student Council Handshake” and the representatives were given a copy of the meeting agenda to share with their teachers and classmates.  The May Student Council School Spirit Day is “Hat Day” and will take place on Friday, 5/25/18.  Our last Student Council meeting of the school year will take place on Tuesday,  6/19/18 and we look forward to celebrating our incredible 2017-2018 representatives.


Josh Goldstein                                                                                    Allie   Harvazinski

Guidance Counselor, PS 77                                                     Guidance Counselor, PS 198