Dear all,


Its been an exciting year in Digital Media class. Students in all grade levels are learning 21st century skills that are required to complete school assignments. In 2nd grade, the students are using search engines such as Kid Rex and Kids Search to find images of Landmarks across New York City. Once students find their images on the internet, they draw them on paper. Students will use google docs to type out information about their landmark.

In the 3rd grade, students are using digital tools to support their work in Social Studies. Students in both classes are searching for information that can support their Chin Research paper. Students should be able to access their student account from home. If you need a tutorial for logging into your child’s account from home, please click on the link below.

How to sign into your student account from home

In the 4th grade, students are using google docs and internet research websites for their government research project and independent writing projects. In the 5th grade, students have published their google site Fictional Book Reviews.

For the next few weeks, the students will learn how about google features such as add-ons and extensions. We will have the 5th grade students visit the chrome web store and research an app or extension.