Dear Third Grade Families:

We can hardly believe that we are in the final stretch of third grade!

Reading: Social Issues Book Clubs: We will continue collaborating with our book clubs, where students will learn to interpret and determine themes–work that will be hugely important for them next year and beyond. Students will read a second novel and make connections between the social issues they gleam in each.

Writing: Poetry ~In Writing Workshop, we are exploring the art of poetry! We’ve immersed ourselves in reading poems to study the moves that poets make and the subjects – great and small – that poets explore. We’re studying how to use line breaks to change how readers experience our writing, and we’ll soon be revising the poems we’ve already written to incorporate author’s craft techniques like repetition, metaphor, and personification. We look forward to sharing our work with you!

Math: Larger Numbers and Multi Step Problems

In our last math unit, students will develop strategies for solving more complex multiplication, division and multi-step word problems. They will use representations and tables to compare different situations and develop a rule for describing each. Learning division facts, identifying arithmetic patterns, and solving multi step problems will be the major thrust of this unit.  Students should strive for fact fluency with their multiplication and division facts.

Social Studies: China

Students will continue work on their research article around a subtopic of China.

We will celebrate our final pieces of the year on June 19th at 8:45 AM. We look forward to seeing you then.

As the weather gets warmer, we’ve noticed that students are starting to slide into a summer mentality and bending more rules. We would greatly appreciate it if you could brush up with your child about behavioral expectations, whether it comes to bringing toys and candy to school, turning in homework, or following directions given by any adult in the school (not just the classroom teacher). We can’t help but realize (maybe you have, too) that the children are only a few months from fourth grade, and we want to send them there well-prepared for the challenges they will face, both academic and behavioral.

All our best,

Kevin and Leslie