Reading Workshop

  • We are learning that reading is a lot like watching movies.  We visualize or act out the stories in our minds. We learned that avid readers need to pay close attention to the story to better understand what the main character is thinking and feeling.  This enabled us to start improvising what characters might say. We wrote our own speech and thought bubbles and placed them in our books.
  • Students were introduced to Reading Playdates, in an effort to get them to have more fun when engaging in discussions and activities involving their reading. During reading playdates, students get together in partnerships to play games like pretend school and acting out scenes from their books.



  • In writing, we started our unit on “All About” books. Students are learning to think of a topic they know a lot about, collect and/or organize their facts, plan their books, and then to begin writing.



  • We’ve been working on addition and subtraction problems (within 20.) Students are using numbers and standard notation (+,-,=) to record equations and solve problems.  Students are learning how to use a number line for both addition and subtraction problems. Students are also learning how to identify keywords in story problems to help them determine how to solve.
  • Students are also working on problems similar to Bunk Beds and Apple Boxes, where students are asked to find different arrangements/combinations of numbers.




  • Science Fair/Publishing Party:  We will be showcasing our human body projects as well as displaying our most recent writing pieces! The science fair is located in K101 & K106 from 5:00 – 5:45 PM



Announcements & Reminders:

FIELD DAY is on Friday June 8th, please be sure to read the following carefully. Students will be bringing their backpacks on the trip so please take out anything they don’t need (i.e. Baggies & Red Folders: send any dismissal changes via email) Please be sure to include the following:

  • LUNCH (we will be eating at Randall’s Island)
  • Water
  • Snack (we will eat in classroom)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Towel to sit during lunch

***All chaperones to report to K-101 & K-106 at 9:00 AM (Please be sure to follow the building’s protocol for signing in and make sure to leave time for this, as there will be a lot of volunteers doing the same).