In reading, the students have been thrilled to dive into our long-awaited fantasy book club unit. We have been analyzing tropes of the genre, inquiring into the qualities antagonists tend to have in common, and we look ahead to studying how the structure of a fantasy story is unique from other fiction texts. By the end of this unit, the no-longer fifth graders will be able to approach their summer reading with a new sense of awareness and critical analysis of this favorite genre.


Our writing is culminating in an introspective and meaningful memoir unit. Students have studied the structures of memoirs as a hybrid genre that bridges personal narrative and essay. We are exploring the memories and discoveries we don’t want to forget as we prepare for graduation and finding ways to balance “writing small to write big.” Our goal is to leave this unit having thoughtfully expressed a big idea about our lives and learning before we move on to the next big adventures.

A note on publishing: in the interest of expediency, we will be sharing our civil rights information writing during the Science Fair! Getting you the most bang for your scheduling buck. No worries if you can’t be available; we will make our hard work available to you some other way.


Science Fair 2018 is a week away!  Students should be done with their reports and working on their boards.  Boards should be brought to school on Tuesday, June 12 in preparation for our evening Science Fair event.  Some students have asked to include their iPad as part of their presentation, that is fine with me as long as it is fine with you.

We participate in an energy efficiency program through ConEd.  Later this week, students will be bringing home a box of supplies that can be used in their home as a way increase the level of efficiency in water and electricity.  Enjoy!


We are busy preparing for our big end-of-the-year event!  We are busy with a teacher appreciation video, graduation song and speeches.

Reminder, the ceremony is at 9am on June 22nd.  We encourage students to dress in something that is slightly more formal than a regular school day but something that will keep them comfortable (including shoes). Graduates and their guests should keep in mind that it may feel very hot and humid in the auditorium.

Each family may invite up to six guests beyond their graduating student. Wristbands will be used for admission and they will be backpacked with your child in June.  Each guest will need to present his/her wristband at the door. If you need additional wristbands beyond the six allocated, we encourage you to connect with one another directly to transfer any extra wristbands to a family who needs additional seats.

On the day of the graduation, fifth graders are expected to arrive by 8:15am and go directly to their homeroom classroom. Families and guests may arrive at the Third Avenue doors starting at 8:40am (the auditorium will not be open for seating until then).

Health Education

Health education classes were completed today, students should complete or have completed 4 take-home assignments by next Tuesday.  Please encourage your child to put a question in the question box if there was anything they didn’t have a chance to ask or feel comfortable asking in the group.  Thank you for your support with this important topic.

Off Campus Lunch

During the week of June 18th, fifth grade students will be given the option to participate in one off campus lunch.  Students will go in groups, have parameters of where they can go and a staff member will be ‘out and about’ for support.  We are working on the details of the days, but please keep your eye out for a memo and permission slip regarding this activity