Dear Lower Lab Families,

Here are the names of the students that will be participating for the after-school Inside Broadway programing in the Fall.

We had 58 kids that applied for the lottery and will have 30 in the program for Tuesday 3-5  PM beginning September 18th – January 29th – We have also selected 5 alternates should your plans change over the summer and we need to select new students in the fall. This once again was a very competitive lottery so we appreciate your interest.  The selected children will not be able to enter into the Spring Inside Broadway Lottery giving more students an opportunity to enjoy this after-school option.

If you are accepting this offer please email Gina Goodman with your intent to participate. Have a great summer and we will give you all more information beginning in the Fall!

I have attached the original flyer should you have any other questions about dates and times. Inside Broadway for Fall Deadline 6-18

List is below! Congratulations to all and remember if you were not selected you still have a shot for the Spring!

  1. Maya Rodney
  2. Asher Hale
  3. Alana Fausto
  4. Caelyn Dar
  5. Savanah Dare
  6. Aurara Christiansen
  7. Valentina Balducci
  8. Michael Matuza
  9. Mehr Seth
  10. Kamila Cardozo Kalvinskaite
  11. Reid Segarra
  12. Caleb Gillis
  13. Blake Appelbaum
  14. Candence Park
  15. Natalie Tung
  16. Royal Buchanan
  17. Tishya Mackie
  18. Tyler Rosenblum
  19. Charlotte Lamb
  20. Deana Lushaj
  21. Lily Johnston
  22. Amalia Wilner
  23. Camille Gautier
  24. Max Stein
  25. Lily Leshanski
  26. Elenor Hubbert
  27. Natalie Radin
  28. Alasdair Scott
  29. Katie Moore
  30. Dahlia Kaufman


  1. Lyla Basavaiah
  2. Miriam Hale
  3. Olivia Chen
  4. Jas Virdi
  5. Lila Printz