P.S. 77 Lower Lab Mission Statement

At the Lower Lab School, the focus is to meet the needs of students identified as gifted and talented, which is defined as someone who shows or has the potential to show an exceptional level of performance in one or more areas of expression (see http://www.nagc.org). Our goal is to provide an appropriate education for those students in one or several ways: acceleration, curriculum compacting, and in depth study that extends upon the mandated to include activities that focus on the evaluation and analysis of information as well as creating new knowledge.

A key tenet of the Lab education is the core belief that students learn from each other. Our students are equipped to drive one another’s thinking to new and exciting places. Children are encouraged to explore new strategies, to defend their thinking, and to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Lab focuses on educating the whole child by including a social emotional component in the curriculum, thinking about the greater community, and adding a variety of enrichment programs that teach by engaging different senses.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 12.42.03 AMWelcome to the Lower Lab School PS 77 Web site. The New York City Lower Laboratory School for Gifted Education PS 77 is a District 2 Talented and Gifted Public Elementary School – Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. PS 77 is an option/testing school and students must apply for admission under the jurisdiction of the New York City Department of Education and OSEPO.


What Our Children Learn

The curriculum at Lab follows New York State guidelines and includes:

  • A workshop model approach to LITERACY SKILLS
  • A combination constructivist and traditional approach to MATHEMATICS
  • A multi-disciplinary approach to SOCIAL STUDIES
  • An inquiry-based study of SCIENCE; that promotes scientific literacy and deepens problem-solving skills
  • An introductory interactive program of SPANISH language and culture for grades K-2
  • A hands-on investigation of the visual ARTS.
  • An exploration of MUSIC that involves listening to and performing music
  • The use of TECHNOLOGY throughout the curriculum
  • A weekly focus on PHYSICAL EDUCATION, recognizing that an active body helps an active mind
  • The integration of Social Emotional Learning throughout the rest of the curriculum