Families whose children have been accepted for school year 2017/18, should have received notification.  If you are on a waitlist, you may receive a call with acceptance up until October 31st.

For school year 2018/19:

Find out about attending an Open House, answer Gifted & Talented FAQs, and more.

Open House Tours

Families who receive a qualifying Gifted & Talented letter in the Spring, from the NYCDOE, are offered the opportunity to tour our facilities, attend a short presentation with the Administration, Staff, and PTA representatives, and view our documentary, A Day in the Life of a Lower Lab Student.

Please Note:

  • ONLY families who receive a qualifying letter from the NYCDOE will be able to tour PS 77 due to limited space during the Spring
  • 50 Kindergarten seats will be available for the 2018-2019 school year
  • Seats for grades 1-3 are determined once vacancies are announced in late May 
  • Grades 1-3  families are welcome to tour if they qualify for Talented and Gifted admissions

More info on Gifted & Talented

NYCDOE Gifted & Talented Resource Page