Lunch and snack reminders for tomorrow’s trip!

As we gear up for tomorrow’s field trip to Symphony Space, some brief reminders:

  • Unless you have already made arrangements with Kevin or Laura, please send your student to school with a packed lunch. This does NOT need to be in a brown bag, normal lunch boxes and water bottles are fine. Including any necessary utensils would be a major plus!
  • Please also send your child to school with a small snack. Students won’t be having lunch until nearly 1pm, so they will eat their snacks before getting on the bus to tide themselves over.

Thank you so much! We promise to come back bursting with stories about Latin American performing arts.

May’s Marvelous Update!

Hello, third grade families!

The weather is finally starting to feel like spring as we gear up for our final units of study in third grade. It’s hard to believe that fourth grade is just around the corner!

In Reading Workshop, we are wrapping up our final cycles of nonfiction research clubs. Students have studied and learned note-taking strategies for several groups of animals, and they have developed questions and conjectured possible answers, such as “Why do penguins take care of their young, but frogs lay their eggs and leave? Could it be that penguins need to protect their young and teach them, but tadpoles survive because of their instinctive behaviors?” Looking ahead, we are excited to finish off our year as readers who participate in social issues book clubs, reading and analyzing fiction to discover how our characters respond to challenges like friendship trouble, loss, or bullying.

In Writing Workshop, we are exploring the art of poetry! We’ve immersed ourselves in reading poems to study the moves that poets make and the subjects – great and small – that poets explore. We’re studying how to use line breaks to change how readers experience our writing, and we’ll soon be revising the poems we’ve already written to incorporate author’s craft techniques like repetition, metaphor, and personification. We look forward to sharing our work with you!

In Math Workshop, we are tackling new challenges as we study numerical data collection and statistical analysis. We’ve made single and double bar graphs and line plots, and now we’re learning how statisticians describe the shape of data and explore ways to know what a “typical” piece of data might be for a given group. The third graders have been eager to learn and explore statistical vocabulary words like outlier and median, and we’ll be learning even more as the unit goes on!

In Social Studies, we are eagerly immersing ourselves in the study of China. We’ve been lucky enough to have two visits from Symphony Space to teach us about Chinese opera and the art of ribbon dancing, and we’ve also had the new opportunity to work with the China Institute, who brought us fascinating multimedia presentations about the Forbidden City and the symbolism of Chinese imagery. Through the rest of the month, we will continue to study and research, reading texts about ancient and modern China and exploring topics of inquiry through technology. We’ve even got a few more special events in store thanks to our scheduled trip to Symphony Space next week and a special guest instructor who will join us at the end of the month!

As the weather gets warmer, we’ve noticed that students are starting to slide into a summery mentality and bending more rules. We would greatly appreciate it if you could brush up with your child about behavioral expectations, whether it comes to bringing toys and candy to school, turning in homework, or following directions given by any adult in the school (not just the classroom teacher). We can’t help but realize (maybe you have, too) that the children are only a few months from fourth grade, and we want to send them there well-prepared for the challenges they will face, both academic and behavioral.

Thank you as ever for your support!

All best,

Kevin and Laura

Update to Publishing Party schedule!

Hello, third grade families!

We wanted to give you a heads up that we’ve streamlined the schedule next week by moving our Brazil publishing party to Friday, April 28, from 8:30 to 9:00. This way, you can come see our hard work and then head down to the Spring Sing for third grade at 9:15. If your third grader has a sibling in K or 1, feel free to wait and come up to our classroom after the Spring Sings are finished. We will still have all of our exhibits set up for you to enjoy!

Please note, this will be a snack-free party due to timing. We’ll have snacks at the next one in June!

All best,

Kevin and Laura

A well deserved break after much hard work!

Dear third grade families,

Spring break feels like a pit stop along an exciting and adventurous third grade road trip! We are thrilled to have completed the ELA state test with confidence and hard work, and now we are launching into nonfiction research clubs and informational writing based on research in Reading and Writing Workshops, respectively. The students are excited to be diving into new areas of expertise as they jot notes and collect technical vocabulary instead of writing short and extended responses. See you next year, ELA exam!

What a week!

Dear 3-205 families,

This has been a full and wonderful week! I really appreciated your taking the time to come in for conferences and catch up on all the progress your students have been making as we practically zoom through the second semester of third grade together.

We had a wonderful time at the book fair today! Thank you to the families of Bella, Dahlia, Bennett, Julian, and Abby for donating so many wonderful and exciting books to our library. We were in need of some fresh reading choices.

Some excellent new fiction and nonfiction for our library! Thank you for your generosity!
Field Trip Reminder! Pack a lunch and bring a snack on Tuesday!

We are going on a field trip to Symphony Space on Tuesday. The most important information to know is that students need to bring a packed lunch as well as a small snack. We will be getting back to PS 77 too late for hot lunch, so all students need to have a packed lunch to eat in the classroom when we return. If you need the cafeteria to pack a lunch for your child for Tuesday, please email Laura ASAP so that I can put in the request. The snack does not need to be big, but it should be enough to tide your child over until our late lunch, as we’ll be eating about 90 minutes later than usual.

Please note: Our field trip will be weather dependent. If the DOE cancels school or field trips for Tuesday due to the weather, we will reschedule for an upcoming month. 

Feel free to email any questions my way! This promises to be an exciting trip!

All my best,


Third Grade’s February Update

Dear Third Grade Families,

Happy February! We are moving right along in third grade as we finish some exciting units of study and look ahead to some upcoming challenges. In reading, we are concluding our character study book clubs by discussing the lessons our characters have learned across the series and how our characters have changed. In writing, we are excited to be publishing our literary essays, and we are tackling comparing two texts in a single literary essay. In math, we continue to practice our multiplication fast facts, but we are also launching a new division unit that explores the many strategies for division and reasons for using them. In social studies, we’ve concluded our study of New Orleans and are now excitedly studying Brazil by rotating through centers and making observations and inferences. We’ve been busy!

All About This Week, by Josh

This week we got a basket of Lower Lab Values. It has a read aloud inside of it and every month the book in the basket changes. Also we did Literary Essay Boot Camp and we made literary essays on a book called “Peter’s Chair” by Ezra Jack Keats. Each essay has a reason in the book, for example a reason could be Peter acts selfish.


A word from our weekly correspondents…

Today we had our Book Fair. Thanks to parents of: Bella, Kavya, Bennett, Ethan, Zachary, Alasdair, Julian, Moorea and Abigail. It was a gigantic success! We got all these books thanks to the donations of the kids’ parents listed above.

 This blog post brought to you by: Zachary and Veronica