September 11, 2017

Dear 4-243 Families,

Hello and Welcome! It’s back to school and summer is already fading away in my memory.  This is an exciting time of year and we are all getting used to being back in school.  For all of us that means going to sleep early, eating a good breakfast, getting our things organized and mentally and physically getting back on schedule.  We are remembering not to call out, how to pay attention to our teachers and classmates, how to disagree politely, how to walk in hallways and stairwells, and how to behave in class, recess, the lunchroom, the bathroom, and on the bus.  Two months is a long time to be off of our routines.

Fourth grade is a big year.  We will take it one day at a time and we will all get back into the groove of school.

Please check  that you have sent in all forms and that you have updated your dismissal instructions to include afterschool programs.  We need this in writing asap.

More to come. See you Wednesday evening.

Donna and Tina

Last Day of School

Dear 243 Families,

Today is Wednesday, the 28th of June. I want to take a moment to thank all of you for your support this year.  4th grade can be very stressful for all of us and we got through it with flying colors.  The students rose to every challenge as we worked to reach our goals.  I know everyone will continue to strive to reach new goals as they enter 5th grade and beyond.

I know we have mixed feelings about the summer.  On one hand it’s great to be off –to the beach, to camp, to adventures far and wide. On the other hand, it is sad to say goodbye to our friends for 2 months.  I look forward to seeing everyone again in September, and I know you all join me in saying a very fond farewell to Julia and her family as they head out to California.  We’ll miss you all, Conrad Family.

To everyone, thank you for your kind notes, words, and very generous gifts.  It’s been a great year.

Stay in touch,


Attendance 4th Grade – Please Read

Dear 4th Grade Families,

As the year is coming to a close, please be aware that there will be no way to alter your attendance next year if you notice an error in September. It is imperative that everyone review any dates that seem to be egregious before the 28th of this month.  Our School Aide Hugues Recamier leaves for the school year on the 28th at 3:00PM. This is the last time our systems can be updated. If you come in September with a change due to lack of doctor’s note or explanation he will be unable to assist as the system locks after June 28th.

How can you check your attendance?

  1. Log on to your NY Account. This is the account where you check your test scores and everyone should already have this info and password to log on so that they can check State Test Scores over the summer.
  2. Go to the attendance section and you will see all the days your child has been out.
  3. Please note that absences are not excused but explained.
  4. If you follow our posts earlier in the year there was mention that attendance might impact your  middle school application for certain schools and the rubrics for all middle schools was posted by the CEC. See link below:
  5. If you have any issues with what you see in your NY Account attendance page please email Hugues at . If you can not get into your NY Account email Gina!

June 20, 2017

Dear 4-243 Families,

This year has gone by so quickly.  It feels like we were just preparing for those tests…As we near the final days of school, please read this reminder for year end tasks.  All students who are returning to Lab next year, must send in an envelope (addressed and stamped) for the summer notice. In addition if your child will not be here on the last day of school, please send in another envelope for his/her report card to be mailed home.

As you make arrangements for the summer, please try to find a few moments to look through your book shelves etc. for books borrowed from school and return them before Friday.

We have already begun sending home some materials and will continue to do so every day this week.  All outstanding quizzes and assignments have been graded and returned to students, except for the current writing piece which is due to me by end of school Wednesday, the 21st.  We have a publishing party Thursday morning where we will share our work.  Don’t forget your pass as it will be very busy in the school lobby that morning.

We spent some time today recommending books to our classmates, so kids should have no trouble reading lots of great books this summer. There is a video of the Wingspan performance and I hope the information here gets it to you.   Here’s the link:

The password is wingspan77

It’s been a great year all around and I wish everyone a very relaxing and enjoyable summer vacation.

With best regards,


June 3, 2017

Dear 4th Grade Families,

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to be surprised by the entire 4th grade on Friday.  What a special group of students and parents we have this year  I was so impressed by the organization and self-control–no one spilled the beans! Then the speech and the delicious treats.  I’ll never forget it.

Thank you to everyone to participated in any way.

While I’m writing, just a quick reminder that Wingspan is this week.  The show for families is officially Wednesday evening.  But, if you can’t make it for any reason we will be performing on Wednesday morning for students so please feel free to come to that show instead.

A few final details for Wednesday–students must come up to the classroom on Wednesday evening by 5:45 in order to change into costumes.  After the show, all students must return upstairs to change/collect personal items before going home with parents.  Please wait patiently for them in the lobby after the show.

Thank you again,


Music – Lower Lab Orchestra

Broken Violin (2012), M.E. Ologeanu


Dear 4th and 5th grade parents:

Bravo to our outstanding musicians for their hard work this year! As our school year winds down, please pay particular attention to Rental Renewal Invoices coming from the Ardsley Musical Instrument Service, Ltd.  

If you rented an instrument with the Ardsley company and are planning to return the rented instrument, especially for most 5th grade students:

  1. Have your child bring the Rental Renewal Invoice to school
  2. Place it in the instrument case 
  3. Leave the instrument in the music classroom BEFORE the pickup date at our school (If you never received the Rental Renewal Invoice from Ardsley, you can still leave the instrument for the pickup date)

Instruments – Rental Renewal Invoices coming from the Ardsley Musical Instrument Service, Ltd.

Dear 4th and 5th grade parents:

Bravo to our outstanding musicians for their hard work this year! As our school year winds down, please pay particular attention to Rental Renewal Invoices coming from the Ardsley Musical Instrument Service, Ltd.

If you rented an instrument with the Ardsley company and are planning to return the rented instrument, especially for most 5th grade students:

Preview Night May 25th TONIGHT! 5:00-7:00 See schedule below

flyer for preview night copy

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 2.05.55 PM
Take a brief view of next year’s curriculum 
across the content/specialty areas.

• Teachers will present work/expectations/goals across the year for next years class/grade.

• Music, Art, Science, PE and Technology will provide a curriculum overview for their specific subject with presentations for Grades 1-2 and 3-5.

• 5th Grade Families will participate in a Workshop with Josh and Gina – Transition to Middle School

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.22.34 AM

May 9, 2017

Dear 4-243 Families,

Thank you to Rachelle, Julie, and Jen for our post-test treats this afternoon.  Students enjoyed some cake (and fruit) to celebrate the end to ELA and Math tests–yes, we know there is still Science ahead, but still…..

We are moving forward with a pretty heavy emphasis on Social Studies across our curriculum.  Our Read Aloud is historical fiction and takes place in post Revolutionary War Philadelphia.   Kids are totally enraptured by the tale of Yellow Fever that overtook the city.  Our upcoming trip will include a historical walk that will visit some of the famous locations that are mentioned in the book. As a reminder, the trip to Philadelphia is on Tuesday, May 23rd.  Chaperones have been notified. Students meet at 7:30 a.m. sharp on 95th street with all necessary items (food, drink, notebook, camera, money).

Our book clubs center around the genre of Historical Fiction.  Students are in groups of 3 or 4 and are reading a variety of books that take place during the Colonial and Revolutionary Eras.  We are generating theses around the genre and will write another Literary Essay about common themes, structures, and other ideas using a couple of books as our supporting evidence.

In Social Studies, we are just in the Pre-Revolutionary period.  We’ve researched the major events leading up to the war and will soon be experiencing Paul Revere’s famous Midnight Ride. Battles to follow!

Most of our math curriculum is behind us, but there are still a few areas of study to be discussed in the coming weeks.

Homework Note: Recently, I’ve noticed some children have become very lax about completing homework.  Homework is given daily and is  the student’s responsibility.  Please check in with your child –and his or her planner. When students are unprepared, it makes it difficult to move forward in content.

Also, many students are bringing those “spinners” to school–some even have flashing lights.  Please note that they should not be used as toys and will be taken if they become a distraction.

Upcoming Dates:

Orchestra Concert Tomorrow, May 10th (Evening Performance for Parents–see Ms. Kim’s note below)

Wingspan Show Dates: June 6th and 7th (Evening Show for Parents–more details forthcoming) Please plan accordingly.  Detailed information and an invitation will be sent home closer to the show dates.

With best regards,




Dear 4th and 5th Grade Families – Spring Concert on Wednesday, May 10th at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium

DSC_0585Happy Spring!


We are pleased to announce the 4th and 5th grade orchestra and choir Spring Concert on Wednesday, May 10th at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium.  Please be aware that the school-wide assembly for students in grades K-3 will also take place on this date at 1:45pm.

The students have worked very hard throughout the year and they are eager to share what they have learned with you.  I am proud of the students’ hard work and appreciate your parental support in their music-making journey during this school year.

For the evening performance, students are to report to the music classroom (M35)  by 5:30 p.m. for tuning and to set up the stage.

The dress code for the evening performance is as follows:

  • Boys: Black pants, white collared dress shirts (black ties/bowties are encouraged), and dark dress shoes
  • Girls: Black skirts/dresses and white blouses or dress shirts, and dark dress shoes

We encourage all students to participate in our annual concert, so please mark this date in your calendar!  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

As always, thank you for the support of the Music Program.


Ms. Kim