Update from Claudia

It was so nice to have so many families attend our Open School events as well as meet with each of you regarding your child’s strengths and goals.  I am always grateful to work in a community with such supportive and involved families.  Thank you!

During the past few weeks and the weeks coming, the students have been knee-deep in fractions.  Building on what they’ve learned in third and fourth grade about expanding, simplifying, adding and subtracting fractions, students are using these skills in problem solving situations.  Over the next few weeks we will continue working with fractions, focusing on multiplication and division.  

We are finishing up the second investigation in the Variables unit in Science, Lifeboats.  Students are building boats (paper cups), testing the number of passengers (pennies) they can hold, and measuring the capacity of the boat.  Like the Swingers unit, the students are focused on changing one variable at a time, identifying the independent variable, dependent variable and creating two-coordinate graphs (on paper and on the computer).  We will finish our Variables unit in December with a final investigation, Flippers, that encourages the students to develop their own controlled experiment involving small objects and flip sticks (things will be flying!).  

I hope everyone has a lovely thanksgiving, full of family and friends, I will be checking out the parade, hosting dinner and enjoying a few days off!  

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or need more information.

Class of 2017 Middle School Acceptances


November 14, 2017

Dear Fifth Grade Families,

Here is a breakdown of the acceptances and final placements from the Class of 2017.

District School Acceptances (Including Appeals)

School Number accepted Number Applied
Salk 7 12
Clinton 7 10
ESMS 9 17
Middle Lab 13 17
Wagner SP 17 49
Wagner AP 1 13
Quest 1 1
Yorkville 1 5


Citywide School Acceptances

School Number Accepted Number Applied
NEST+M 2 35


Final Placements

Salk 6                                     Wagner SP 15

Clinton 7                             Wagner AP 1

ESMS 8                                   Quest  1

Middle Lab 9                         NEST+M 2


Private School

Collegiate 3                          St. Ignatius 1

Fieldston 1                          Columbia Grammar 1

Hewitt 1                              Trinity 1

Nightingale- Bamford 1





Middle School Application Are Being Sent Home Today, 11/14!


Dear Fifth Grade Families,

Your child will be bringing home an envelope that contains your child’s District 2 Middle School application.  Please review all of the information to make sure it is correct.  Middle schools will contact you based on the information listed on the application, so please be sure that your address and phone number are accurate.  If you have any changes or corrections, please contact me immediately.

The deadline for these applications is Friday, December 1st, but you may submit yours at any time before the deadline.  If the application is lost prior to the deadline or there are any corrections that need to be made, please contact me and I can print you a new copy of the application.  Please keep in mind the following as you complete your application:

  • The official class is a number that is used for coding the classes in the computer system, so you will see 501 or 502 rather than the room number.
  • Complete only Sections 5 and 6 (on the back.)  l
  • If you have concerns about your child’s attendance, please contact Hugues in the main office.  He can access the attendance records.  Note: an absence or lateness can be coded in the system as explained (i.e. doctor’s appointment) but is still considered an absence or lateness, and will appear on your child’s record.
  • If you feel your child qualifies for “extenuating circumstances” regarding his/her attendance or lateness, please contact me immediately with your explanation and request.
  • If your child receives testing accommodations, he/she will be given those accommodations for any middle school entrance exams.  Please contact the schools with documentation of the accommodations when you are notified about the tests.
  • Sign, date, and return the application to me by December 1st.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions at (212) 427-2798 or jgoldstein@lowerlab.org.

Joshua Goldstein


Update from Eve

The 5th grade readers have taken on complex nonfiction texts with unrivaled grit and determination. As the informational articles, books, and media they find themselves reading become increasingly complex, the students will encounter a variety of advanced literary techniques used by authors to heighten the level of the texts. So far, we’ve faced the challenges of determining implicit main ideas, using morphology to break apart and look inside technical vocabulary words, and exploring the hybrid structures of both whole texts and sections and paragraphs. Armed with strategies to overcome each new obstacle, the readers have been diving into their independent reading, and jotting about the complex nature of the texts, as well as the skills they are practicing to tackle this complexity. Over the next month, we will begin launching our very own personal inquiry research projects, where students will investigate topics of interest putting all of their nonfiction reading skills to the test!

A gateway to reading and exploring nonfiction texts with success is high interest in the books that are being chosen. While there is no shortage of nonfiction texts between 5-218 and 5-220, the students have expressed curiosity about other types of nonfiction pieces. If your own libraries at home are stocked with nonfiction books, we would love for you to share them with our class! If you choose to send any in, please label them clearly and they will be returned to you at the end of our unit in pristine condition. Our 5th graders thank you!

Coinciding quite nicely with our nonfiction reading, information writing is keeping the 5th grade writers hard at work. We are at the beginning stages of developing necessary skills to heighten the level of writing as we organize our thoughts about areas of knowledge and topics of interest, and the writers have already taught me about some of their passions and strengths. Over the unit, we will be learning to fill in “emptiness” in our writing by asking and answering questions we still have about our topics, as well as organizing the order our details with intention to make clear meaning out of our writing. The students are starting out with solid foundations, which opens up the doors to even deeper thinking and writing, and I am eager to see how far they can go. Be on the lookout for our final published pieces!

Social studies is a 5th grade favorite, and the students never fail to meet our research with excitement. As we explore the geography and early societies of the Western Hemisphere, we are admiring the work of paleontologists and archaeologists who bring us what we know about Pangea, the Bering Land Bridge, fossils, and more. This month, we will embark on an expedition researching the Natural Wonders of the Western Hemisphere. Wonderful!

Inside Broadway Sign Up Sheets have gone home!

Dear Lower Lab Families Grades 3-5 ONLY,

Please check the backpacks for the information sign up sheet for the Inside Broadway Program beginning February 1st – May 25th. This is a program only for grades 3-5 and will most probably have a lottery for selected students.

Hand in your interest sheet prior to January 2nd!  Lottery will be pulled on January 4 to give parents enough time to sign up for the LL after school programing should their child not get selected in the lottery.

Inside Broadway – NYC Musical Mystery Melodies for Students in Grades 3-5

Are you receiving emails?

Class parents, Nina and Tiffany, have sent messages to 5th grade parents via email, if you’re not receiving them, please let them know asap!

Laura and Claudia also sent a message via email yesterday (Tuesday), if you didn’t receive it please email ccoia@lowerlab.org asap!

Thank you.

Change in Clinton Admissions Process!

Dear Fifth Grade Families,

After a comprehensive review, the Clinton School has changed its admissions process. The school will no longer administer a school-based assessment to prospective students. In addition, it will rank more than first choice applicants.  These changes will take effect immediately for prospective 5th and 8th graders. 

The updated information on the Clinton School’s process and rubric can be found on its website at theclintonschool.net.


Joshua Goldstein