Student Council Letters for April and May

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 3.30.19 PMDear PS 77 and PS 198 Teachers and Families,                                                                                 May 19, 2017

We held the April 2017 Student Council meetings on Tuesday April 25th in room M1.  The greetings for both the lower and the upper grade meetings were given by Student Council representatives; two students volunteered to kick off each meeting.  The representatives shared a few things about themselves and then they answered questions from their peers, which allowed for the practice of public speaking skills as well as active listening and questioning skills.  This greeting style is also a great way for the representatives to get to know each other better!

Rubric Middle School Admissions 

The District 2, NYCDOE 2017 Middle School Rubric  has been published! Thanks to D2 CEC!

The District 2 CEC is pleased to inform you that we are able to share D2 Middle School Admissions rubrics with the families in our community. These rubrics are the standards that the screened middle schools in our community use to evaluate applications.

Please see the District 2 CEC Resources Page for more info.