A Kindergarten Update :)

Reading Workshop

  • We started a new unit in reading which focuses on getting to know characters.  We are learning how to put ourselves in the characters’ shoes to imagine what they are thinking, and what they should say. Students will spend time performing their favorite books by role-playing with a partner to make the character think and talk.

Writing Workshop

  • In writing, we started our unit on “All About” books. Students are learning to think of a topic they know a lot about, collect and/or organize their facts, plan their books, and then to begin writing.
  • Goals for students include: staying on topic, using illustrations and diagraphs, as well as, words to teach, stretching out their writing, and keeping their writing organized.


  • We’ve started our measurement unit. A letter was sent home that lists fun unit-related activities to try at home!

Preview Night May 25th TONIGHT! 5:00-7:00 See schedule below

flyer for preview night copy

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Take a brief view of next year’s curriculum 
across the content/specialty areas.

• Teachers will present work/expectations/goals across the year for next years class/grade.

• Music, Art, Science, PE and Technology will provide a curriculum overview for their specific subject with presentations for Grades 1-2 and 3-5.

• 5th Grade Families will participate in a Workshop with Josh and Gina – Transition to Middle School

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We love learning!


We started our Data Analysis unit. Students are learning to use surveys to collect data, make representations of their findings and to analyze them. We’ll be conducting a few quick surveys (e.g. Did you drink milk with your lunch today; do you prefer ice cream in a cup or cone; are you left or right-handed; How big are your feet? Etc.) and students will plan and conduct their own class surveys. Students will also continue to practice and review addition and subtraction as we progress through the unit.

Writing Workshop

Students brainstormed different types of writing writers can produce when trying to be persuasive. We came up with: books, letters, poems, speeches, songs, lists, signs/posters. Now we’re spending time studying mentor texts for each as students use these different ways to convince others to protect our earth.

Reading Workshop

We started the bend on Poetry in our Avid Readers unit! Students will spend time reading a variety of different poems and songs both independently and with partners. They’re learning that avid poetry readers not only read the words but also think and talk about meaning and try to match the beat and rhythm. Students will also learn about feeling and mood. We’ll be tying this bend to writing workshop, giving students the opportunity to get creative and write poems of their own.

Reading & Writing

Reading Workshop

  • We are learning that reading is a lot like watching movies. We visualize or act out the stories in our minds.  We learned that avid readers need to pay close attention to the story to better understand what the main character is thinking and feeling.  This enabled us to start improvising what characters might say.  We wrote our own speech and thought bubbles and placed them in our books.
  • Students were introduced to Reading Playdates, in an effort to get them to have more fun when engaging in discussions and activities involving their reading. During reading playdates, students get together in partnerships to play games like pretend school and acting out scenes from their books.

Vision Screening for Grades K and 1


Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 9.50.43 AM.pngDear Lower Lab Families – Grades    K-1

On February 2nd the Department of Health will come to the school to test the vision of the Kindergarteners and the First Graders.

It is important that your child be present.

If your child wears glasses, please make sure that he/she brings them on that day.

Sincerely –     Hugues Recamier, School Aide


K101 blog update :)

Hi K-101 Families!

Here are some of the things we have been up to so far…

Readers’ Workshop

The students will be bringing home 2 books (at their independent reading levels) every night.  We call these books “just right” books because students should be able to read theses stories independently (with little to no help.) Also, I have been asked about reading levels, please note that when teachers assess the students, we focus on two things: reading accuracy and comprehension.  Please see below for some reading skills to focus on or reinforce at home by reading with your child, as these will be taught throughout the year:

We are readers!

Hi Families!

During the first unit of reading workshop, students learned so much!  For example they learned to look at the storybook pictures, make the words and pictures match, find and read snap words, re-read to remember more and use words like first, then, and next to help retell the story.

Fun times in K101

Hi Families of K-101!

Last month we created maps of our hearts.  Our maps show us all the people, places, and things we love. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 3.18.32 PM.png  

We also started chess on Fridays!  Check out some photos below