School Wellness Update

Dear families,

Its been an amazing month for our students in physical education class. Students in all grade levels have participated in a variety of cooperative games, aerobic activities and competitive sports.

In grades K and 1, students have participated in warm-up activities such as fire and ice, island tag and bump tag. In each round of the warm-up game, students practice a different locomotor skill such as skipping, side shuffling, galloping and running. We focus on changing directions and speeds with these movements. We’ve also used the parachute for cooperative activities and field day practice.


In grades 2 and 3, students have participated in warm-up games such as pac man, never ending tag and Doctor Doctor. In addition, students have run laps for their mighty milers incentive program. For the main activities, students have played modified soccer games and number soccer. We’ve also introduced a new game called Pillow Polo (floor hockey) to the students.


In grades 4 and 5, students have finished playing speed ball in their sports league teams. speedball is a hybrid sport that combines skills from soccer, team handball, basketball and football. Here are some pictures of some of the sports league teams!


Field Day was a smashing success this year! We had an amazing day that both structured and unstructured play. Here are some images from Field Day!

Finally, congratulations to all the students that participated in the morning runnings and track team. We had over 85 students participate in the Developmental Track and Field Series.

Thank you to the families and school staff for making this a really special year in physical education and school wellness!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

Go Lab!!!!!


School Wellness Update

For the last few weeks, our students in all grades have received nutrition lessons in the gymnasium. The students have learned how to identify the five major food groups. In addition, we’ve had discussions about food allergies, vegan/vegetarians and go vs slow foods. We’ve used curriculum from and

 In addition to nutritional lessons, students have continued practicing for running programs such as Track & Field and Mighty Milers. The students in 1-103 and 1-141 are close to completing their individual goals of running a total of 13 miles by the end of the school year in PE. For their hard work and perseverance, they received their Mighty Milers T-shirts this week. The students in 5-218 participated in a track meet on April 28th at Icahn Stadium. We had several top performances out of this group. Our next meet will be held on May 12th at Icahn Stadium. Go Lab!!!!!!

In the next few weeks, students in K, 1 and 2 will be participating in the spring PE soccer unit. The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will be playing speedball and team handball in their PE teams.

Mr. Goodman

School Wellness 4.7.17

Track is back!!!!

Our track season is off to a running start! We had our first meet today at Icahn Stadium in Randalls Island. Our students in 5-220 and 4-243 persevered through wind, light rain and cold temperatures to come out ahead of the pack! The entire team looked impressive in this meet and should be commended for their work. We have two more developmental meets on April 28th and May 12th.  We look forward to continued hard work and dedication from the team.

Its PE with Mr. G!!!

In Physical Education, we’ve discussed flexibility and the importance of stretching before and after physical activity. Students have learned a variety of yoga poses such as the downward dog, child pose, tree pose and butterfly. Students have been leading the stretches and counting up to 10 or 15 in a variety of languages. In addition to developing flexibility, students have participated in track and field activities such as long distance runs, sprints, relays, hurdles, long jump and shot. Finally, we practiced deep breathing exercises that are meant to calm the mind and body.



Dear Lower Lab Families,

I hope you had a great summer. As a reminder, please make sure your child wears appropriate attire to Physical Education class. This means that students should wear sneakers, socks, shorts/sweat pants and a t-shirt/sweat shirt. Your Physical Education day will be disseminated by your classroom teacher.Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.43.39 PM
Sandals, boots, shoes with any type of heel, croc’s and clogs are prohibited in the gymnasium.
Finally, we’ve been told that no food or drinks are allowed in the gymnasium.  This protocol is back. No event will allow food in this space. This means snacks for after school as well. Lets keep our new Gym clean and beautiful for years to come!
Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.44.19 PM
We look forward to another amazing year of Physical Education class.
Mr. Goodman