Your parental support and participation are at the core of the Lower Lab School’s philosophy. The school encourages and needs parental involvement to continue its level of excellence.

There are many volunteer activities to choose from, and all PTA events, activities and projects are the results of the efforts of parent volunteers. The PTA funds extra enrichments such as a music teacher, teaching assistants, a consulting psychologist for parent sessions and workshops, technology, teacher training opportunities, language classes and so much more.

The PTA is established as a Type B not-for-profit corporation to:

  • Serve as an advocate for our children’s education.
  • Promote communication and cooperation among the parents, faculty and administration.
  • Solicit, receive, maintain and disburse funds to provide materials, equipment, programming, and personnel to assist in the education of the children in the school and as more specifically set forth in it’s certificate of incorporation.

All parents, guardians or persons in a parental relationship to children currently attending the New York City Lower Lab School are considered members of the PTA.

General PTA meetings are generally held once a month at 8:15AM in the cafeteria.

Volunteers are always appreciated!