The executive board of the PTA governs the PTA according to its accepted bylaws. It is the goal of the executive board to support the vision of the school through fundraising and implementation of programs. Executive Board members are elected in accordance to the bylaws.

The meetings are generally held each month and are open to the community. The schedule is posted on the school website. Anyone from Lab School may attend; however, only elected executive board members are allowed to vote.

The structure of the officers of the PTA is as follows:


  • The co-Presidents (2 to 3) preside over the general membership and Executive Board meetings. The Co-Presidents act as liaisons between the parent body and the administration. In addition, the Co-Presidents are ex officio members of all committees (except the Nominating Committee). They have final approval over all PTA-related correspondence. One Co-President is designated to sign checks. One co-President is a mandatory member of the SLT.

Vice-Presidents (1) VP of Public Affairs – The First Vice President:

  • act as assistant to the Co-Presidents and preside at meetings in their absence.
  • attend one of two District 2 School Board meetings each month and represent the Lab School as a voting member of Parents’ Council.
  • coordinate the attendance of the External Affairs representatives for the remaining School Board Meetings, and other meetings requiring the representation of the PTA.
  • report back monthly to the general membership of the PTA and keep the PTA informed on issues that affect the school.

Co-VP’s of Fundraising – The Co-Vice Presidents for Fund Raising plan, coordinate and supervise all fund raising efforts.

(1) VP of Personnel – The Vice President for Personnel administer personnel policies and payroll for the PTA funded positions.

Co-Secretaries (3)

  • The co-Secretaries (3) share the duties of the Recording and Corresponding Secretaries. The responsibilities include keeping accurate minutes at Executive Board and general PTA meetings and attending to general correspondence of the PTA. They also distribute copies of PTA meeting minutes to parents and notify PTA and board members in advance of all meetings. One Co-Secretary is designated to sign checks.

Treasurer (1)

  • The Treasurer has custody of all moneys of the PTA, keeps record of receipts and expenditures and provides financial reports. The Treasurer also ensures compliance with all government reporting requirements and is designated to sign checks. The Assistant Treasurer assists the Treasurer and has the responsibility for depositing money received by the PTA.

External Affair Representatives (4)

  • The External Affairs Representatives shall serve as delegates and alternates to the United Parents Association, if and when the Lab School is a member of UPA. Each representative is also required to attend at least three District 2 School Board meetings in addition to other meetings requiring parent representation when the Vice President of Public Relations is unable to attend. The External Affairs Representatives shall assist the Vice President of Public Relations in reporting back monthly to the general membership of the PTA and keeping the PTA informed on issues that affect the school.

Grade Representatives (2 per grade) represent each grade on the Executive Board.

  • The primary function of the Grade Representatives is to facilitate communication among the PTA, the Class Parents and the Executive Board.  Representatives are required to attend the monthly executive board meetings which are held each month.