Parents Make the Difference Parental support and participation are at the core of the Lab School’s philosophy. The school encourages and needs parental involvement on many levels–volunteering time, donating goods, services or money–to continue its level of excellence.


It is to the benefit of everyone in the Lab School community, especially the children, that all parents pitch in. There are many volunteer activities to choose from, and all PTA events, activities and projects are the result of the efforts of parent volunteers. Fundraising is one of the chief concerns of the PTA, and your help and leadership will be required to make a success of our efforts. The PTA funds such Lab School “extras” as a music teacher, teaching assistants, a consulting psychologist, music and orchestra program, classroom enrichments through out every grade and even our photocopy machine!

Class Parents

Every September, class parents volunteer to act as a liaison between parents and grade delegates and provide support services for the classroom teacher. Such services may include assisting in the classrooms, accompanying the class on field trips, mandatory school auction participation, and telephone networking. If you are interested in becoming a class parent, please speak with your child’s teacher as soon as possible.